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By their deeds ye shall know them...

Via the California Yankee, I learned that the Democratic National Committee holds the following beliefs:

1) Illegal aliens deserve the right to win citizenship, without having to atone for their violations of the law.

2) Illegal aliens should not only be granted access to emergency government services, but non-emergency services as well.

3) The idea of private citizens documenting illegal aliens violating the law by entering this country are a graver threat than those actually invading the US.

It's so nice when they spell such things out for us...


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Comments (14)

This is a political loser f... (Below threshold)
Josh Davenport:

This is a political loser for the Dems.

Part of me hopes they keep up the non-sense, but the better part hopes they come back toward the center.

They are screwing up th GOP from lack of competition.

"2) Illegal aliens... (Below threshold)
"2) Illegal aliens should not only be granted access to emergency government services, but non-emergency services as well."

You do recognize that they already have "access"? What the DNC means by "access" is socialized medicine, which already exists for illegals in hospitals all over the US. It's called EMTALA, and it requires hospitals to treat acutely ill persons w/o regard to ability to pay. The law was intended to prevent desperately ill people from dying on the sidewalks outside ER's, but it's been adulterated (overwhelmingly by Mexicans and Chicano politicans) whereby if you deny a non-acutely ill Latino patient treatment in an ER (for anything from a stubbed toe to a mild cold) you are publically labelled "racist" and will be the object of a boycott as well as a media smear campaign.

Sorry to working-class and middle-class Americans of any & all other ethnicities: you'll still have to mortgage your home (or firstborn child) to get hospital treatment, but illegals will be accepted free-of-charge (I know, I work at a large city hospital)!

A political loser, huh. I s... (Below threshold)

A political loser, huh. I suppose the Bush administration, who actually has power, are really political winners then! Not really. In 5 years nothing has changed and here is what I've learned:

1.) We don't need any extra restrictions on our borders regarding the new threat of terrorism. After all, we're fighting them over there, so I doubt any terrorist would be even able to get in through our porous border.

2.) Illegals can legally obtain work, but after a while they have to leave their families and go home for a while, and then they can come back. (I'm positive this will happen. Who wouldn't want to ditch his/her family for a year to go back to their poor, underdeveloped country?) This will be inforced by... jeez, they haven't made that clear. Maybe the neo-Nazi "Minutemen" will do that for us as well.

Truth is, immigration has been a disaster for the Republicans, mainly within the party. Even Bush has an inner battle: First:

"Think about the Mexican worker who walks 500 miles across a desert to find work. Those are hard-working citizens."


"When our borders are not secure, terrorists, drug dealers, and criminals find it easier to sneak into America."

No one in America, specifically the party in power, has done anything at all to fix this problem. But hey, let's not blame in on the party in power (WH, Congress, Senate). Let's just poke at Democrats. (Who, I agree, suck on this issue too)

Yes, JP2, a political loser... (Below threshold)
Josh Davenport:

Yes, JP2, a political loser.

"A political loser, huh. I suppose the Bush administration, who actually has power, are really political winners then! Not really. In 5 years nothing has changed and here is what I've learned:"

I think all your points have merit. And the conservative base is pissed at the Bush administration about it.

And a large percentage of moderates are pissed.
And a large portion of democrats are upset.

Have you seen Hilory's rhetoric on this issue? And you know she knows where the center is.

This is a real issue that cuts across party lines, and it will carry so much weight (unseen events, aside) during the next couple cycle that it will NOT be ignored.

Even if lefists want to ignore it because they hate the nation-state.
Even if corporate GOP wants to ignore it because of agribusiness or cheap labor in general.

The fact remains that the DNC just took the wrong side.

I haven't seen Hillary's rh... (Below threshold)

I haven't seen Hillary's rhetoric. Based on her statements lately, I'd probably be dissapointed. But again, who cares? In terms of being Republican, this is the best time ever to get things done. But this administration just isn't doing anything about it. I don't see how it has anything to do with Hillary and the Democrats. I mean, there isn't even a solid Republican position on this extremely important issue.

"This is a real issue that cuts across party lines, and it will carry so much weight (unseen events, aside) during the next couple cycle that it will NOT be ignored."

I felt this way years ago, and nothing has changed. But I totally agree, and hope some weight shifts.

"The fact remains that the DNC just took the wrong side."

Perhaps, but so has the administration. Not only have they done nothing, but the proposals they have come up with are awful. While socially I'm quite progressive, this is one of the many issues I side with on the true-Republican side. (Note: not neo-Con)

This is not a Rep vs Dem is... (Below threshold)

This is not a Rep vs Dem issue. Both parties are in the pockets of big business, special interests, and do nothing about solving the illegal immigrant issue. It's like a political football that just gets kicked back and forth. Each party has their own agenda on why they won't or refuse to do anything to settle this matter.

The problem is that if you ... (Below threshold)

The problem is that if you really want to fight illegal immigration you have to come down harder on the people who employ illegal immigrants. This will not sit well with the people who typically fund Republican reelection campaigns. And we all know that when the pro-business republican wing of the party and the social conservative wing of the party clashes the social-cons never win.

Now I've been accused of be... (Below threshold)

Now I've been accused of being a Bush sycophant at Daily Pundit and Spoons among other places, but...
How are those positions* different# from his?

*Quote:This program will offer legal status, as temporary workers, to the millions of undocumented men and women now employed in the United States

#Quote:President Bush yesterday said he opposes a civilian project to monitor illegal aliens crossing the border, characterizing them as "vigilantes."

And VDare makes a case that he is in favor of illegal aliens being in our schools. I'm not totally persuaded, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Notice in the first linked speech he says, " Third, we should not give unfair rewards to illegal immigrants in the citizenship process or disadvantage those who came here lawfully, or hope to do so.
But then goes on, three paragraphs later, to say what's quoted above. You can argue the guest worker program doesn't "give unfair rewards to illegal immigrants in the citizenship process", but that's a little too.... clintonian for me.

I really like his foreign policy very much. I think he is definitely working to a larger strategy and that it's working.

Except for tax cuts, I really don't like his domestic policies. Really.

I'm not saying this is a win for the Dems. It's a wash. They both are in full Hispander mode and I don't think there's much anybody can do about it. You have what is the largerst minority, or soon will be, that the political parties think is up for grabs and both parties are trying to throw the most stuff at them.

It's one of those political things that really depresses me.

Wow, Rick. Three sentences,... (Below threshold)

Wow, Rick. Three sentences, not one of them true. You rawk!

Hmmmm.So Rick, what ... (Below threshold)

So Rick, what will all of the limo liberal set do for domestic help then?

Spam in blog comments. Jus... (Below threshold)

Spam in blog comments. Just what the world needs.

I really appreciate what Pr... (Below threshold)

I really appreciate what President Bush has recently said in his statements about illegal aliens and immigration.

But, like many of us who voted for him, I am finding it hard to generate a second wind of belief in his sincerity of motive. Because by pressing for his "Guest Worker Plan", Bush seems to be acting with duplicity: he wants to allow aliens and non-residents to occupy and use the country and for taxpayers to actually fund their means to do so, yet he is not speaking about any realistic process by which these people, once here, will "just go home."

And it does not take many years of life experience to know that those many millions (more) of illegal aliens once in the country, are not going to "just go home" when someone tells them to. They are just not going to leave and they are going to not only not leave but they're going to bring more people with them who also won't leave and the country will be paying for even greater numbers of illegal aliens who will all have individual stories to rationalize remaining in the country and lawyers representing them to cost taxpayers yet even more for their presence.

We cannot even consider any "Guest Worker Plan" UNTIL and only after there are firm border and resident/citizenship processes in place and proven to be working. Pending those, organizing some "legal" means to bring more illegal aliens into the country is, in all due respect, either snake oil in concept or it's unsupportable fantasy.

The negative among Republicans about this issue is that we're either nodding in acceptance of Bush's Guest Worker Plan -- which I consider nonsensical and/or untrustworthy (sorry if I offend anyone but that's my conclusion about it) -- or, we're not in acceptance of the Plan idea and we're being denigrated by those who are among the accepting group. And that's causing a lot of unpleasantness among Republicans. I've been ridiculed in the same breath, simultaneously, as "a Bush bot" and also as one "ridiculing our President" about this issue (I am both, apparently, to some); these divisions are harmful to the GOP overall. But, most Republicans I read and hear want an end to illegal immigration and want a secure if not completely closed border, particularly along the South, "closed" as in, people enter and exit with appropriate and non fraudulent license/means to do so, or they don't exit/enter at all.

But the Democrats are responsible for creating the problem, nurturing the problem and now catering to the problem. In California, even the voter mandate by majority at the polls -- to prevent illegal aliens from receiving any/all taxpayer funds (including educations in public schools and healthcare) -- was overturned by a Democrat group in the state legislature, the same in the state who are responsible for the notion and creation of "sanctuary cities" and consider the state as property of Mexico in their extremes. Those are Democrats. And, likewise, same party in other states who go for the same objectives and refuse to enforce citizenship requirements, who incentivize economic programs for illegal aliens, thus creating and reinforcing the very machine that motivates the problem, now nationwide.

The entire idea of "guest workers" translates to an exploitable class of people in the country who will inevitably, unless forcibly shuttled around -- an abhorrent idea to many Americans, if not all of us -- are going to proliferate as an underclass and ultimately be an expensive one for the rest of the country. They may produce short term benefits for commerce, but it'll be taxpayers picking up the slack and funding the 'benefits' for for-profit business who seems to think they just have to have a class of "workers" who are paid little, can't vote and will "just go away" after a term of service. It harms and threatens the very notion of citizenship, to my view.

But I'd still never vote for a Democrat. I'm just sorry to see the level of discord among conservatives about these important issues. My preferences are that illegal aliens should be deported (it'll be cheaper in the long run to deport them consistently until the most are gone) and to enforce our immigration laws and citizenship requirements for people with sincere application to live as Americans in this country.

The Democrats are part of the problem. I can't see them suddenly changing.

I agree with Jp2. Don't thi... (Below threshold)

I agree with Jp2. Don't think I could say it any better. Only thing I would like to add is I think we need to replace all of Congress. Both sides.

Did u know the 2000 Dem Pla... (Below threshold)

Did u know the 2000 Dem Platform also called for reinstating the so-called Fairness Doctrine, aka govt regulation of private radio stations so as to force unpopular liberal shows on them






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