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Warblogger Awards - Wizbang Feels The Love

Right Wing News has just held it's 4th Annual Warblogger Awards, for right-of-center bloggers. We're honored to have been honored as the Best Designed Blog and tied for 6th place in the Best Overall Blog categories.

Thanks to Joni at The Web Jones for her original and eye-catching design 2 1/2 years ago. As we get ready to retire the current design, it's nice to see her work getting a little recognition. Thanks to John Hawkins and the voting members of his poll for the award.

Here's the relevant data (minus the links) from The Warblogger Awards:

Best Designed Blog

3) Vodka Pundit (3)
3) Cold Fury (3)
2) Little Green Footballs (4)
1) Wizbang! (5)

The Best Blog Overall

6) PoliPundit (8)
6) Little Green Footballs (8)
6) Ace of Spades HQ (8)
6) Wizbang! (8)
5) Protein Wisdom (9)
4) Power Line (11)
3) Captain's Quarters (13)
2) Instapundit (16)
1) Michelle Malkin (24)

Comments (5)

Kudos, I love your design i... (Below threshold)

Kudos, I love your design it is easy to navigate.
Allah is in the house lead me to your blog; he was easy to navigate also. I hope the changes you make only get better.

You guys rock!

Congratulations on your awa... (Below threshold)

Congratulations on your award! Never believe that good graphic design is not important to news or journalistic effort. What is so striking about the pathetic Mary Mapes is her ghastly journalistic incompetence in this very area. She is clearly a TV hack who obviously never studied simple newspaper basics such as type faces, point sizes, and lay-out design. This kid obviously would not know sans-serif type from a “cut”. She probably thinks of “Adobe” as tan-tinted mud brick rather than as the master of computer type faces and proportional spacing. Sad really, and indicative of the basic lack of competency of so-called “TV Journalism”. It should never be forgotten that most of the original and successful TV newspersons were actually real journalists from the newspaper industry.

Design, shimighn....<... (Below threshold)

Design, shimighn....

Your content rocks.

Big fan. Keep it up guys!

I'm a regular, appreciative... (Below threshold)

I'm a regular, appreciative reader of wizbangblog and RWN. But aren't these award thingys becoming a bit incestuous?

Congrats, Kevin (Jay Tea an... (Below threshold)

Congrats, Kevin (Jay Tea and Paul, too). I agree that the awards have become a bit tiresome but, they do help generate ongoing support and encouragement...so, thus, they're serving a good purpose overall.

I like the realism categories in RWN's blog awards, which also serve several good purposes. Sometimes the "Best of" generalizations reduce to (realistically) "Best" (but mere) Voting Canoodling.






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