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Bad Santa!

Christmas tends to affect everyone, in one way or another. Some get cheerful, some grumpy and surly, some downright litigious. But sometimes it just brings out the real jerk in some people.

The kind of jerk who would dress up in a Santa suit, go into a mall, and repeatedly drop his pants.

If there's any justice, tomorrow I'll get to report on this dipshit getting run over by eight tiny reindeer...


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Comments (9)

Jay, you have to admit a gu... (Below threshold)

Jay, you have to admit a guy who hangs with short people and likes to have children sit on his lap is just a LITTLE suspicious. ;)

"Santa comes but once a yea... (Below threshold)

"Santa comes but once a year."

That would make *anyone* act crazy.

He was wearing SWEATS under... (Below threshold)
Denny Crane:

He was wearing SWEATS under the suit!

I can see the mall firing him because he wasn't a very good Santa, but involving the police is ludicrous because he did nothing illegal.


Oh, there is justice and I ... (Below threshold)

Oh, there is justice and I am sick. In Florida, a man who was running from store to store stealing the Salvation Army kettles at some point in time - noone seems to know when - the thief lost control of his car and landed upside down in a creek. He drowned. - and justice for all.

You just gave me a great id... (Below threshold)

You just gave me a great idea what to do over Christmas: volunteer as a mall Santa.

Uh Denny, I don't think you... (Below threshold)

Uh Denny, I don't think you read the story closely:

Mullen was not employed as a mall Santa, Larsen said, and it was unclear yesterday why he was dressed as Saint Nick or how he ended up in Salem.

Emphasis mine.

kbiel,Oops, missed... (Below threshold)
Denny Crane:


Oops, missed that important part.

Never mind.

(Going back to study reading comprehension)

What a weirdo! What's a guy... (Below threshold)

What a weirdo! What's a guy from Malden doing all the way up at the Rockingham Mall anyway?

My first thought, without r... (Below threshold)

My first thought, without reading the article, was to think this happened in Chappaquidick, NY.
Then on reading the first paragraph and learning it was in the suburbs of Boston, I was wondering if all the Kennedy's have their alibis ready.
Then they name the guy... just a random pervert.






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