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You Know It's Not Your Day When...

The messages you get from the company hosting your server go something like this over a period of a few hours...

There may or may not be complications in regards to the RAM upgrade. Engineers are looking into it now.

We are replacing all hardware on the server. There appeared to be problems with multiple parts.

Full hardware swap. Server coming up well now. It's going back on the rack and should be up for good in about 5 minutes.

At least they were right about the "up for good" part. The Weblog Awards server is now purring like a kitten. Bring on the links...


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Comments (7)

Did the Weblog Awards crash... (Below threshold)

Did the Weblog Awards crash Blogger? My blog hasn't come up all day. Neither have other Blogger blogs I've checked.

Managed to get my Blogger b... (Below threshold)

Managed to get my Blogger blog to come up. The hit counter shows that it went dead from 4 something to 7 something, and since then has been intermittent. That dead zone seems to coincide with the Awards coming up, though I was unable to access my blog earlier in the day as well, when it seems other people were able to access it. Strange.

It might be something bigge... (Below threshold)

It might be something bigger. I'm having trouble hitting a *lot* of sites, and I can't get to my sites on Hosting Matters (Slashdot seems to be bogged down, too, and I can't hit Google at all).

I guess it's just me but re... (Below threshold)

I guess it's just me but recurring "server" failures such as that are incentive for me to relocate. I'lldo it again if/as need be, despite the problem but there is nothing worse than an unreliable host, as to websites. And nothing finer than a very reliable one..."reliable" are the ones you never have to contact about nearly anything other than forgotten passwords or site file organizations but those only at startup.

About Blogger, yeaaarrgghhhhh. Using Blogger with blogspot hosting was a learning experience years ago, certainly enables a simple startup when you're new to blogging and don't want your own host, own domain, but, I remember many, many recurring hours of unresponsive Blogger software, even lost entries.

Yahoo Webhosting is superb, if anyone ever cares to investigate. They're so well developed as to server administration, and billing also, that you get a truly seemless hosting service now with Yahoo's (especially, "Business" level) Webhosting. They even register a domain for you along with hosting purchase and then renew as needed and you own your own domain. The one drawback is that they have a higher degree of security and require a brief workaround with MT install on any DB, but it's easily done once you find the information about it.

>I guess it's just me but r... (Below threshold)

>I guess it's just me but recurring "server" failures such as that are incentive for me to relocate.

heh- This is the new server.

Apparently the brand new had "issues" but they gave him (more) new hardware. So far so good.

Funny how those "servers" g... (Below threshold)

Funny how those "servers" get so issue-laden...

~and all by themselves, at that!~


Whenever I hear that, it reminds me of "it's the switch" retort. You know, the SWITCH. It was the SWITCH that was responsible! Everyone falls into some sort of stupor and just mumbles in acceptance, "the switch...the server...the server...the SWITCH...UFOs..."

At least I can read my blog... (Below threshold)

At least I can read my blog now, but for the last two days I still haven't been able to change it. First time in a year and a half on Blogger I have encountered more than brief problems.






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