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At least this time no innocents were injured...

Last October, two Lawrence, MA men came up to a Manchester night club, got drunk, and got into a fight. Security tossed them out, so they drove home. The driver was so drunk that the passenger -- almost as loaded -- made him pull over so he could drive. The two guys got out of their truck to fight it out.

That's when a third drunk driver came along, hit them both, then kept going.

That third guy is now on trial for vehicular homicide, drunk driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and a host of other charges.

If more drunk driving cases were like this, it wouldn't be such a problem. But unfortunately, they too often kill more than just each other.

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Yeah, kill all those drunk ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, kill all those drunk drivers, starting with George Bush, right? You *are* from New England, yes? Know your president's history in this regard?

Ah yes, the highest penalties for every possible crime. That's what made America the #1 jailer in the world per capita.

Oh, I forgot: neocons and facts don't mix.



It reminds me of a law scho... (Below threshold)

It reminds me of a law school exam question.


DittoTroll: If you'd read t... (Below threshold)

DittoTroll: If you'd read the article you would see that what happened was that one multiple-offender drunk driver killed another drunk driver, thus sparing the taxpayers the expense of incarcerating two of them. If you knew anything about the law around here you would know that incarceration of drunk drivers comes only after all the mandatory alchohol treatments, license losses, etc., and then only after they've killed someone. They rarely spend more than a few months in prison regardless of the length of their assigned sentence.

too obvious, and too easy, ... (Below threshold)

too obvious, and too easy, but rummor has it that dittoheadn't's most favorite senator's last name starts with a K and ends with a drive off a bridge.

Rick, thanks for that. Cert... (Below threshold)

Rick, thanks for that. Certainly brightened a rainy morning...

John-good to know something... (Below threshold)

John-good to know something went better (*brighting a rainy day*)than expected today. Usually don't pick fights, but frustrations at seticlassic, small dead animals and weather (hasn't been warm enough to rain for awhile) carried over and couldn't let the comment slide. My mind keeps wandering (so what else is new..) back to 'natural selection' as it relates to the article...but there I go being mean again.

Good gravy, is there no sub... (Below threshold)

Good gravy, is there no subject that moonbats can't turn into an attack on Bushitler?

I second the law school exa... (Below threshold)

I second the law school exam comment -- what was the proximate cause of the victim's death: exiting a vehicle, drunk, and fighting in the middle of the street at night, or being hit by a car while in the middle of the street?

Is this an example of Darwi... (Below threshold)

Is this an example of Darwinism or Intelligent Design?

*Darwinism or Intelligent D... (Below threshold)

*Darwinism or Intelligent Design* good question, was that on the bar exam?
*Bushitler* - Well, it is the holiday season and time to celebrate!

Ditto:You missed the... (Below threshold)

You missed the memo - you missed the facts - and you missed history class. The most "celebrated" drunk drivng "accident" of all time was your buddy Kennedy - yes, he lives in Massachusettes - same guy. And no, the taxpayers didn't save any money finding him guil.. - er, I mean innoc...., no, no, I mean just a free man. Obviously Darwinism or "Intelligent" Design failed in mr. kennedy's extra-vehicular activity.






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