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Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been racing around a mile a mintue trying to keep on top of The Weblog Awards, but I did manage to post a daily note over there sharing some of my hate mail. Evidently I'm a heary prick...

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Apparently he's <a href="ht... (Below threshold)

Apparently he's taken your advice. I can't wait to see who wins "Best Deaf Gay Blog"! I think I'll nominate Jay.

Remember, deaf people have their own language, so they are a culture and not just a subculture. And sign language translates to the web perfectly, dammit.

Damn hearies.

Is "Heary" (or "hearie") ac... (Below threshold)

Is "Heary" (or "hearie") actually a real term for non-deaf people? That's pretty weird.

Yeah! Why isn't there a "be... (Below threshold)

Yeah! Why isn't there a "best blog run by a yak?" Yaks are hairy. Hairy as they come. Trust me. I mean...

... wait. Heary? Not "hairy?"


Best Blog for Swimmers... (Below threshold)

Best Blog for Swimmers

Best Blog by People With Canes

Heaviest Construction Blog

Blogs for People with One Arm

Best Pogo-Stick Blog

...the Categories could really be, like, endless!

Ha, a "heary prick."<... (Below threshold)

Ha, a "heary prick."

But, isn't that preferable to being a "weanie"?! Even one that's deaf?!?!






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