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Disorder in the court

So, Saddam doesn't want to play nice at his trial, and would rather rant and shout, or stay in his cell?

I have just three words of advice for the Iraqi court:

Judge Jennings Hoffman.


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Comments (11)

<a href="http://randomnumbe... (Below threshold)
Hokey smoke, Bullwinkle -- ... (Below threshold)

Hokey smoke, Bullwinkle -- didn't Hannibal excape!?

All of Wizbang can be summe... (Below threshold)

All of Wizbang can be summed up in 4 words MICHAEL MOORE IS FAT!

Once I saw the lawyers and ... (Below threshold)

Once I saw the lawyers and Saddam in those playpen things I knew the trial would be one insane thing after another.

Now we know for sure that S... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Now we know for sure that Saddam has been watching a little too much CourtTV and Springer in his cell. (I'm sure the ACLU has seen to "right to cable TV" in prison.)

I don't understand how he g... (Below threshold)

I don't understand how he gets to decide when or if he'll show up?

I personally don't care if ... (Below threshold)

I personally don't care if he shows up for his trial. As long as he shows up for his execution. ;)

According to Ramsey Clark, ... (Below threshold)

According to Ramsey Clark, Saddam is innocent and will be found not guilty because there is no genuine evidence against him. CNN

Anna, consider the source. ... (Below threshold)

Anna, consider the source. Saddam's defense attorney says he's innocent? Isn't that what defense attorneys are supposed to say?

I'll bet ramsey clark sits ... (Below threshold)

I'll bet ramsey clark sits in that courtroom dropping "crab cakes" into his depends under garments all day.

"Change me Mommy..."

It's actually "Julius Hoffm... (Below threshold)
Mill Creek Don:

It's actually "Julius Hoffman", as it correctly notes towards the bottom of the linked page. I think that the middle name Jennings was rarely used.

In any case, I wish there were more judges like that today.....the "Chicago Seven" (formerly "Eight" before Bobby Seale got separated out) wanted a circus, and they engineered one. Much like Ramsey Clark is trying to do in Bagdad.






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