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MilBlog Of The Week

The MilBlog of the week here at Wizbang is "USMC", from Live In Iraq. There's a bit of irony in this choice, as USMC tends to devote nearly his entire blog to singling out and praising others -- a father and son, both Marines, both stationed in Iraq; a sailor who left her "religious program" specialty and spent time working with Marines on guard duty, to search female potential bombers at checkpoints; even a tale of a Marine whose life was saved by a genuine dogface.

I've always been a big believer in the importance of the message over the messenger, and apparently USMC agrees with me -- I don't think he's ever talked much about himself. But every now and then the work of the messenger needs to be praised for a job well done.

So, if you have a moment or two today, head on over to USMC's page and give him a few kind words. We owe him and his brethren far more, but it's a good start.

As always, send any nominations for MilBlog Of The Week to Jaytea (at) wizbangblog.com.


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If you'd like a bit more on... (Below threshold)

If you'd like a bit more on Iraq...from the viewpoint of an Iraqi citizen (& blogger), check my interview with Omar of "Iraq The Model".....

You'll find it here: http://pajamasinterviews.blogspot.com

Haha very funny, one citize... (Below threshold)

Haha very funny, one citizen providing the view for the American right, unfortunately for you here in the UK we have actual Iraqi citizens who are refuges in the country and we regularly here views from across different sections of the community like the recent survey carried out by the British Military of defence indicating an overwhelming of majority Iraqis wanting the Brits and Americans out now.

Saf,Now that we have... (Below threshold)

Now that we have your enlightened view, you might want to check further.......

Refugees are not a reliable source since they are not there in Iraq......

I'd also like to find how you managed to determine that Omar is "providing the view for the American right"? As several of his comments disagree with that premise, I am assuming you did not read, or did not comprehend the interview.

Finally, check this reference by Instapundit to a story featuring Omar's blogging brother and some not-so-good news from Iraq......


Some liberals seem bent upon the complete destruction of discussion.....vis-a-vis the method known as either attacking constantly or trying to laugh away anyone not of their particular mindset.

Unfortunately, your presentation gives you away immediately. You must spend a great deal of time in the process of digesting the trips put out by the MSM! (believeability rating about 35% currently)

Thanks for making my site t... (Below threshold)

Thanks for making my site the blog of the week. The whole idea of having a blog was for me to publish my daily experience so that my family and friends could keep up-to-date. But as i started putting my first story together, I found out that most blog were full with personal stories and there were untold stories all around me that will go down the drain if not documented.
My blog feature stories of those little heros that do their jobs everyday without being notice by the media.






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