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Quote Of The Day - A Modest Proposal Edition

"You believe the Jews were oppressed, why should the Palestinian Muslims have to pay the price? You oppressed them, so give a part of Europe to the Zionist regime so they can establish any government they want. We would support it. So, Germany and Austria, come and give one, two or any number of your provinces to the Zionist regime so they can create a country there... and the problem will be solved at its root."
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in an interview with Iranian state television's Arabic-language satellite channel, Al-Alam, offers up his plan to deal with "the Jewish promblem."


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Comments (29)

My vote is France.... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

My vote is France.

My vote is France.</... (Below threshold)

My vote is France.

Such a shitty little country.

Um, isn't part of the idea ... (Below threshold)

Um, isn't part of the idea to get the Jooos away from the arabs that love to hate them?
How would relocating them to France achieve that?

Why not give them all of Fr... (Below threshold)

Why not give them all of France, Spain, Portugal, and parts of Germany? Then they can KICK ANYONE OUT OF THEIR COUNTRY they want to, and their economy could be bolstered too, as they would be able to make wine, build ships, and all sorts of other stuff.

Wait, no, that wouldn't work, after all, who WANTS to move to France?

And we're the bad guys? I'l... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

And we're the bad guys? I'll sum that up in a good Yiddish phrase: Oy vey!

They bought that country (I... (Below threshold)

They bought that country (Israel) fair and square.

Lucky they don’t have emanate domain laws there….

Mmmmm Hmmmm. And once the J... (Below threshold)

Mmmmm Hmmmm. And once the Jews were safely located in the middle of Europe, Iran could nuke them and those pesky Europeans with minimal loss of Muslim life ....


Great idea! Let's put them ... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:

Great idea! Let's put them in boxcars and have trains relocate them to ghettos in Europe. Where have I heard that before?

What bullcrap. You could t... (Below threshold)

What bullcrap. You could take the entire population of Israel and set up an exact replica in the middle of Nebraska, and within three years it would be surrounded by Muslim "refugee camps" demanding either a) the "Right of Return" or b) to demonstrate the capabilities of the new-and-improved Semtex Backpack.

All you need to know is that Muslims desire to make the world judenrein. They probably figure since the Krauts did it once, they can do it again.


WOW! Only took 9 comments ... (Below threshold)

WOW! Only took 9 comments for someone to HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! To put this a little more clearly for any moon-bats who might be reading.....

Every Jew on the planet to VOLUNTARILY move out of Israel, transport themselves into an alternate reality, and then, within a year (I'm not as generous on time as JD), there would be "refugee" camps all around it making the same demands, recruiting suicide bombers, and still trying to kill them!

Muslims (of this ilk) think of only two things, KILL JEWS/INFIDELS, and convert or kill every other person on the planet. Meaning, they WILL NOT REST until one of a few things happens.

1. They are all dead!
2. They are ALMOST all dead, then they will just regroup for a while, before starting again.
3. Every Jew/infidel (and that means non-jewish non-muslim people) is dead, and everyone else on the planet is muslim.
4. The world ends, and EVERYONE is dead.

Maybe this will encourage G... (Below threshold)

Maybe this will encourage Germany to take a harder stance against Iran.

Another scary fact is that Ahmadinejad thinks that the holocaust is just an invention of revisionist historians.

Yeah, because a Jewish coun... (Below threshold)

Yeah, because a Jewish country in Europe has exactly the same meaning to Jews as Israel in its current location...


I'm all for it, since it me... (Below threshold)

I'm all for it, since it means Israel can safely empty their nukes on the animals and turn Iran into the Glass Emipre.

Silver, while I will agree ... (Below threshold)

Silver, while I will agree that one of the reasons the muslims want Israel is the Biblical reason, they mostly want it because the Jews live there now and have the rightful claim to it. Palestine was not a nation until "recently" in the world's history, and seems to have been created ONLY to create refugees to give reason to hate Jews. While the Jews would not have reason to feel the same about a country in Europe as they feel now about Israel, that means NOTHING to the muslim community, as they simply HATE ALL JEWS, and therefore, even if all Jews left Israel, and handed it over to the muslims, it would only be a matter of time before the Jews are once again targeted for death by muslims.

I agree, Smokey. I was mer... (Below threshold)

I agree, Smokey. I was merely thinking of yet another reason why this quote is so... well, deceitful.

I've heard of NIMBY but thi... (Below threshold)

I've heard of NIMBY but this is ridiculous.

Israel ought to drop a twen... (Below threshold)

Israel ought to drop a twenty megaton firecracker on the "holy" city of Quom and then give the Iranian people an ultimatum: 24 hours to hang every last Khomeini from every tree and lamp post in Iran or the entire country gets burned off the face of the earth. As President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad comments would be considered a casus belli if they referred to any other country in the world. Then drop one on Mecca just for fun.

Cubanbob,You know,... (Below threshold)


You know, that would be well within their capability, but the fact they DON'T do that is one of the things which makes me respect them a lot more than some guy who walks into a cafe wearing a semtex vest.

Do you seriously think these people, who saw six million of their collective family members killed by Hitler, would purposefully do something as bad or worse even to their worst enemy?

No, they just want to live in peace I think. Unfortunately that's the one thing their enemies couldn't stand.

In case you forget, muslims... (Below threshold)

In case you forget, muslims live peacefully alongside christians and jews. You know, in places like Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and um, America! It's only Israel that causes friction, and I think you all know why. It's because if you have any deep belief in God, they own the property your God touched. We're all willing to die to own that land.

So, if your only real ideas on this subject are,"they only live to kill the Jews! They'll follow them wherever they go!", just leave. You're as bad as the mouth-breathing dipshits who want it to nuke it.

For talking so much about I... (Below threshold)

For talking so much about Israel, you don't even know one person from there, do you? It's not like it is on Tv, or blogs, or wherever you're getting your worldview from. People who want peace actually leave Israel in search of it.. There is no hope for peace within it ,ever.

Where are muslims living in... (Below threshold)

Where are muslims living in peace with non-muslims? Maybe Indonesia where they cut Christian girls heads off? Maybe Thailand where they cut Buddist heads off? Maybe Egypt where they cut Copts heads off? Or Iran where they cut Zorastians heads off until none are left.

The modern jihadist Nazi movement will be opposed.

I wonder who "meh" is addre... (Below threshold)

I wonder who "meh" is addressing.

I remember plenty of Jews who went to Israel to get away from various pogroms. Especially Stalin's and Hitler's. And I do know some people from Israel. So not me, I suppose.

Life there actually is better than where many of them came from. Not perfect, but at least they're not currently being herded like sheep into the gas chamber or dragged out of their beds in the middle of the night and shot in the back of the head.

Yes, the crime of the modern Jew/Israeli is that they have the ARROGANCE to defend their lives and liberty. Those bastards!

Give the guy a little credi... (Below threshold)

Give the guy a little credit where it's due. He's laying it on the line and it's not like he doesn't have any ideas.

He misses the point that th... (Below threshold)

He misses the point that there are probably as many or more palestinians and arabs in Europe than jews. Why not have europe give the palestinians a state? In addition to France that is.

In case you forget, musl... (Below threshold)

In case you forget, muslims live peacefully alongside christians and jews. You know, in places like Iran, Iraq, Turkey

Yeah, they allow those 10 jews in those 3 countries to live, but they're not allowed to worship or anything like that.

The Iranian guy has a point... (Below threshold)

The Iranian guy has a point. Okay, so it's not a perfect point by any stretch, but wasn't the state of Israel essentially a reaction to the crimes of Germany? A guilt offering from nations who pretty much ignored what was happening there before opposing Germany for invading France and Poland?

There are a whole lot of ways that we're paying for the couple previous generation's propensity for redrawing maps anytime they felt like it. It was like the big prize for being on the winning side of a war... a bunch of guys got to get together with a geopolitical map of the world and a Sharpie marker and have at it.

No... I'm not blaming Jews at all. No... I'm not saying that the Palestinian situation isn't so f***ed up that it didn't take a committee and concerted effort to make it that way.

I'm just saying that the Iranian guy has a point.

In case you forget, musl... (Below threshold)

In case you forget, muslims live peacefully alongside christians and jews. You know, in places like Iran, Iraq, Turkey, and um, America!

Others have responded, but don't forget the murder of Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands and the bombing of trains in Spain and London. Last I checked none of those countries are Israel. Plus, if I remember correctly, a group of muslims that lived here in America! weren't too peaceful four years ago.

I actually get pissed off and defend most muslims when people want to paint the religion with a broad brush or claim they're all evil, but there is a widespread and violent strain of muslims that want to destroy all the west, all non-muslims, and usually all muslims unlike themselves. It is not just Israel.

On the whole "move Israel" topic, didn't they originally consider creating a Jewish state in both Uganda and Argentina before Israel was established?

Fundamentalist violence aga... (Below threshold)

Fundamentalist violence against others has little to do with where they live.


If the Islamic dream is an entire world of Islam then where anyone lives is irrelevent.

And no, the Iranian guy doesn't really have a point. It assumes the false claim that Jews living in Israel is the problem. That is merely the false lie perpetuated by the anti-Semitic bigots. The conflict exists because the Islamic bigots despise non-Muslims, especially if they are Jews. Being in Israel just makes them handy targets. It's like claiming a rapist isn't at fault for raping a woman because she happens to be a woman...not because he has a sick, diabolical mind. It's a rather pathetic excuse only overshadowed by the even more despicable attempt to defend it.

The Jewish claim on Israel land is as strong if not more so than the "Palestinian" one. The fact is, Jordan represents far more of the land mass that would have been Palestine--if such a country ever existed. Look up Trans Jordan for reference.

The reason there are Palestinian refugees is not because the Jews kicked them out of Israel. They exist because the Arabs kicked them out of all their countries. The Palestinians are to the Arab world what the Gypsies were to Europe. The anti-Jewish Arab powers are just using them as surrogate proxy-huamn-sacrifices to their own cause. If Arabs gave a damn about the Plestinian issues of poverty they would share the much accumulated oil wealth. I don't see a lot of them beating down the door to actually build something besides refugess camps.

There is the claim that Muhammed ascended to heaven from the Dome of the Rock but there is no historical evidence Mohammed ever went to there. It was simply claimed he did with no proof.

The reason there were so many Jews in Europe was from being driven out of their homeland by the anti-Semitic Arabs in the first place.

I don't disagree with you F... (Below threshold)

I don't disagree with you Faith. I think I tried to be pretty careful not to blame Israel because I don't.

Still, I couldn't help but think of all the consequences of other map drawing we're also dealing with these days.






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