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The deafening silence

A little while ago, I praised our ambassador to the United Nations, the "controversial" John Bolton, for some of his successes since assuming his office in New York.

It turns out that Mr. Bolton's failures are as worthy as his successes.

He tried to get the United Nations Security Council to condemn, in no uncertain terms, the most recent suicide bombing in Israel, where the bomber attempted to set off his bomb in a shopping mall. Security guards stopped him, and instead he killed at least five people outside, instead of lord knows how many inside.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the latest atrocity, so Mr. Bolton took the radical step of actually taking them at their word. He put forth a resolution condemning them, as well as Syria for letting them base out of Damascus.

Apparently that was a bit too much for Algeria (which used to give shelter to the PLO before they were allowed to return to the occupied territories). They categorically rejected any specific mention of Syria or PIJ, calling it "unbalanced."

Bolton then took the highly unusual step of speaking publicly about it, naming names.

For too long, the UN has been held hostage to "diplomacy" -- which has been defined there as "we bash Israel and the US, and they're not allowed to say mean things to anyone" -- at our expense. Mr. Bolton seems to be introducing a new idea -- that we will say what we mean, act in accordance with our principles and interests, and stop being treated as a doormat.

The United States contributes 22% of the United Nations' total budget, leaving the remaining 190 member nations to kick in the remaining 78%. We are the first to be asked to help out in emergencies And we also have contributed the lion's share of forces for nearly every "peace-keeping" mission in the UN's shoddy history.

For that, we usually get the second-worse treatment at the UN (I think we have a ways to go before we can challenge Israel for that claim). A lot of Americans have been fed up with that for some time (witness the popularity of "US out of UN/UN out of US" bumper stickers and similar expressions of that sentiment), and it looks like Mr. Bolton is fulfilling his responsibility as a representative of those people by passing along a small measure of their beliefs.

And it's long, long overdue.

(Hat tip to Little Green Footballs for this story)


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Comments (16)

Actually, the PLO set up it... (Below threshold)

Actually, the PLO set up its headquarters in Tunis, Tunisia (next door to Algeria) when they were "relocated".

The archive of Bolton's sta... (Below threshold)

The archive of Bolton's statements to the members of the press condemned to cover the UN ar always amusing. Check the UN's Webcast site for the streams... and then try to keep your lunch down when watch "Middle East" or "Question of Palestine" or "Palestine Observer" discussions or pressers.

If Bolton got up and took a... (Below threshold)

If Bolton got up and took a dump right in the middle of the un security council floor and put a small gift shop un flag right in the pile it would be the most productive action since that organization's creation.

Sounds like Bolton is doing... (Below threshold)

Sounds like Bolton is doing his job. I had the feeling he'd be a good choice for that job, especially after the MSM started complaining about what a prick he was.

it would be the most pro... (Below threshold)

it would be the most productive action since that organization's creation.

Probably, but playing (reasonably) nice with the UN is like having to hang out with one's girlfriend's family every so often. We hang out with the UN so that we can get our trade agreements passed.

Terrible analogy, I know.

Anything he did would get t... (Below threshold)

Anything he did would get the support of conservatives - including taking that dump.

"He looked so comfortable out there."

a nice sour and rancid fart... (Below threshold)

a nice sour and rancid fart to compete with ay-rab body odor would be a nice touch too.

I take it that the rest of ... (Below threshold)

I take it that the rest of the world is mad at us for paying in so much money which they take no end of joy in ripping off, and doesn't want the U.N. to be here in the U.S. or the U.S. to be in the U.N.. OK lets quit the U.N. and kick them out of the U.S. and distribute the money's paid in fees to us citizens of the U.S..
I could use a few extra thou for myself.

Yeah, we can bulldoze the u... (Below threshold)

Yeah, we can bulldoze the un building into the East River and call it quits. What about the poor un staff, you ask? I am reasonably sure that they could handle selling beer and hotdogs for Aramark at Giants Stadium.

Nice post. We'll have the ... (Below threshold)

Nice post. We'll have the UN forever...

John Bolton should have a "... (Below threshold)

John Bolton should have a "carry" permit and licensed to use it at the U.N. on the moonbats who so clearly deserve elimination.

I don't know if this is the... (Below threshold)

I don't know if this is the right spot for it...but how about having a "Where should the UN go?" contest? Let people write in where they think the UN should be relocated to with their justification. "Move the UN to Antarctica because it is cold" See, that's my dumb example like when the paper prints a dumb joke and asks readers to write a funny punchline. Any takers? (And I think you should get a bonus point if you say where besides "France - because the Muslims have already started taking over Paris)

Bolton - Was and still is a... (Below threshold)
"Where should the UN go?... (Below threshold)

"Where should the UN go?"

A long elliptical orbit.

Oh look.. "E" found a coupl... (Below threshold)

Oh look.. "E" found a couple of headlines he thought might reinforce that new Bush bashing theme he picked up while watching TV.

Yay for you "E".

I guess you didnt bother reading the articles to make sure their content is as negative as the headlines imply.. did you?

Oh well.. better luck next time. Now hurry off - I think hardball is on and if ya miss that you wont know what to think.


While I agree that terroris... (Below threshold)

While I agree that terrorism should be condemned, Haaretz has a completely different (more balanced) description of the failure to agree on the Security Council statement. Perhaps you should read it. And perhaps Bolton should learn to talk to people instead of ordering them to do and say what he wants.

As for your claim that "we also have contributed the lion's share of forces for nearly every "peace-keeping" mission in the UN's shoddy history", I'm confused - again. I looked through several dozen peacekeeping missions over the decades. In most of them, the United States contributed no troops whatsoever. There are currently around 70,000 military and police deployed on UN peacekeping missions. The US has provided 420 of them - quite a long way from Bangladesh's 9,457, Pakistan's 9,068 and India's 6,878.






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