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A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste

Ever since the days of "Louie Louie," some people have been paranoid about finding "dirty" songs. But sometimes, the dirtiest ones sneak right past them and become pop hits. Thanks to VH1 and a couple of other sources, I've been tipped off to three songs that not only made the Billboard Top Ten, but also were really, really naughty.

The first one was a very popular 1976 disco hit. What wasn't so well known was that the song was about making a porno movie, and the singer knew her stuff -- she'd been a porn star before getting behind the microphone.

The second was a 1982 cheery, pop hit, one of the first songs to have a hit video, too. But buried in this declaration of devotion to her man, this singer offered up all sorts of enticements -- including an offering to... um... how can I put this delicately... indulge in a bit of "back door loving."

The final one was a big hit back in 1979, another catchy love song. But if you paid close attention to the lyrics, it's no stretch to think of the song as the longings of a pedophile, one who openly brags about getting aroused by much younger ladies.

No prizes this time, but I'm hoping that it'll take more than the usual hour to get all three songs.

Update: Chris got all three right. In 18 minutes flat. For details, see the extended section.

1) "More More More," by the Andrea True Connection:

But if you want to know how I really feel

Just get the cameras rolling, get the action going,
Baby, you know my love for you is real

Take me where you want to
Then my heart you'll steal

More, more, more
How do you like it, how do you like it

2) "Mickey" by Tony Basil

Mickey - now when you take me by the

Who's ever gonna know

And ev'ry time you move you let a little more show

There's something you can lose - so don't say no, Mickey

So come on and give it to me any way you can

Any way you want to do it, I'll take it like a man.

But please baby please,

Don't leave me in this jam, Mickey

3) My Sharona, by the Knack

Never gonna stop, give it up,

Such a dirty mind.

Always get it up for the touch

Of the younger kind.

Comments (36)

Well, I'm going to wager th... (Below threshold)

Well, I'm going to wager that #3 is "My Sharona" by the Knack: "I always get it up for the touch of the younger kind."

And I'm going to guess that... (Below threshold)

And I'm going to guess that #1 is "More, More, More" by Andrea True: "Just get the cameras rolling/Get the action going"

As for #2, I'm going to go ... (Below threshold)

As for #2, I'm going to go with Mickey, by Toni Basil:

"Anyway you want to do it/I'll take it like a man."

Am I the winner?

Josie and the Pussycats for... (Below threshold)

Josie and the Pussycats for #2.

For #2, how's about Olivi... (Below threshold)

For #2, how's about Olivia Newton John, "Grease is the Word"?

(Jay, I am sure you know this post was just begging to be taken into the gutter....)

For #3, I was going to gues... (Below threshold)

For #3, I was going to guess "Into the Night" by Benny Mardones, but upon further research, that was released in 1980. Possibly the most blatant pedophile song of all time.

With just the lyrics posted... (Below threshold)

With just the lyrics posted, the naughtiness you say is revealed seems like a stretch.

Now, take Jethro Tull's "<a... (Below threshold)

Now, take Jethro Tull's "Aqualung":

Sitting on a park bench
eyeing little girls with bad intent.
Snot running down his nose
greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes.
Drying in the cold sun
Watching as the frilly panties run.

There's a dirty ol' bastard if ever there was one.

Not so sure about the Toni ... (Below threshold)

Not so sure about the Toni Basil one.....

She could be saying (and I ... (Below threshold)

She could be saying (and I always thought she was saying) she can take it if he's going to dump her, but don't leave the situation ambiguous.

As far as the reference to ... (Below threshold)
Kevin Haryett:

As far as the reference to "Take it like a Man" from Mickey, you need to understand the song.

It was originally written to be sung by a man, and he would have been singing Kitty the original name, not mickey.

Toni Basil was a cheerleader and dance Choreographer. She was looking for the right song and when she Found Kitty, she made the desired changes she needed to.

So when taken in this context, the lyrics are not as XXX as you might thing.

Context, its all in the context.

As far as trhe Knack? They were just drugged out musicians, so I can't explain that one...

I think the pedophilia them... (Below threshold)

I think the pedophilia theme has always been a bit scary.

Songs like Gary Puckett’s “Young Girl”, and Neil Diamond’s “Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon” both seem a little creepy to me.

Of course, it is often said that the key to good poetry is a certain amount of ambiguity. The reader/listener can make his own interpretation as to the meaning. Some of that probably applies here.

There were tons of suggesti... (Below threshold)

There were tons of suggestive songs back in the late 40s and early 50s, then considered "race" music and not selling very many copies.

Palmateer, you are so right... (Below threshold)

Palmateer, you are so right. Many 40's and 50's black groups recorded songs considered to be racy. 60 Minute Man by Billy Ward and the Dominos and Honey Love by the Drifters (the originals with Clyde McPhatter on lead) was never played on the mainstream radio stations. You'll remember 60 Minute man from the movie Bull Durham. Racy but a great song.

The biggest problem with "6... (Below threshold)

The biggest problem with "60 Minute Man" is that the concept is preposterous….

Speak for yourself jmaster!... (Below threshold)

Speak for yourself jmaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, don't bust on jmaster.... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Hey, don't bust on jmaster. 60 minutes is possible, if you rush like hell... but who'd wanna do that?


Also, I have a copy of Tony... (Below threshold)

Also, I have a copy of Tony Bennett singing Love for Sale. Anyone remember those lyrics? Very racy.

As awful as "My Sharona" tu... (Below threshold)

As awful as "My Sharona" turned out to be, I thought the song writer made no bones (get it - "bones?" of course you did!) about the fact that the song was about a specific girl who was indeed younger than he was but not illegally so.

I remember a little bit of ... (Below threshold)

I remember a little bit of a kerfluffle over that when Bush said "My Sharona" was one of his favorite songs.

I preferred "Good Girls Don't" myself. There's no mystery with that one....

Maybe jmaster is more accus... (Below threshold)
Denny Crane:

Maybe jmaster is more accustomed to Muddy Water's Mannish Boy:

"I can make love to you woman,
in five minutes time"

Related but slightly differ... (Below threshold)
Cousin Dave:

Related but slightly different thing: The Who managed to slip an F-bomb into the lyrics of "Who Are You", and pop radio stations played it without even realizing it.

As some have noted the "rac... (Below threshold)

As some have noted the "race" records of fifty years ago left very little to the imagination. But they didn't use profanity; profanity is pretty weak stuff anyway, any kid can shout it.

A great overlooked line was from Midnight At The Oasis - great singing by Maria Muldur.

"you won't need your camel when I take you for a ride"

10 minutes is a lot closer.... (Below threshold)

10 minutes is a lot closer. And since its Muddy Waters, I’m assuming that includes a little “Hand Jive” too.

Wasn't The Outfield's "Your... (Below threshold)

Wasn't The Outfield's "Your Love" about a guy who's wife was out of town and he's trying hard not to bang the neighbor's teenaged daughter?

Of course, I still don't uderstand the B-52's "Love Shack." What's with all this damn glitter everywhere? Did a glitter truck jacknife nearby or something?

jmaster, does your last nam... (Below threshold)

jmaster, does your last name happen to be Bates?

I sure hope you guys apprec... (Below threshold)

I sure hope you guys appreciate the softballs I have been throwing out to you today.

(and no, there’s no sexual innuendo there)

I can't believe "Turning Ja... (Below threshold)

I can't believe "Turning Japanese" by The Vapors hasn't been brought up yet.

Laurence,I always ... (Below threshold)


I always thought the glitter in that video was a metaphor for cocaine (with a little fairy dust thrown in for good measure).

The B52’s were really deep like that.

And I surprised no one has ... (Below threshold)

And I surprised no one has mentioned “Come on Ilene”.

She wore a pearl necklace..... (Below threshold)

She wore a pearl necklace...

Darling Nicky by Prince. T... (Below threshold)

Darling Nicky by Prince. There is no hiding the fact that the girl was masterbating & looking at porn.

Prince also had "little red corvette" - for front door & "raspberry beret" for back door.

Longview by Greenday is blantantly masterbatory as well.

Let's not get going on the masterbation songs.

What about - "Thank heaven ... (Below threshold)

What about - "Thank heaven for little girls", by some old geezer.

Or the blues tune - shoot, nearly all blues tunes. Never mind.

Heh, Turning Japanese? Lik... (Below threshold)
Denny Crane:

Heh, Turning Japanese? Like Cindi Lauper in She-Bop?

Cousin Dave - yeah, The Who... (Below threshold)

Cousin Dave - yeah, The Who also did "Mary Ann with the Shaky Hands" and, of course, "Pictures of Lily".

I second Madfish. How could... (Below threshold)

I second Madfish. How could you leave out "Pearl Necklace"? It's beard rock at its finest.

More suspicious lyrics from Z. Z. Top: "Gun Love".






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