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The Weblog Awards Need You!


There's 37 different categories being voted on at The Weblog Awards, and we've just about reached the halfway point.

Tomorrow I'll be opening a newsroom for daily reports on the various races. If you're interested in doing write-ups of the various races send a trackback or leave a link to your commentary. I'll be contact at least one person a day to get permission to use their reporting for news releases.

While you ponder that offer, leave a vote in the rarely seen test poll - Favorite Blogging Software - just for fun of course.


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Comments (13)

I would participate more if... (Below threshold)

I would participate more if I did not have to fight to override my network's security in order to post votes.

Was Brussels Journal nomina... (Below threshold)

Was Brussels Journal nominated?


Hey, would you consider spl... (Below threshold)

Hey, would you consider splitting left and right for the big categories next year? I am just sick about MM losing to kos.

it's a numbers game, and ma... (Below threshold)

it's a numbers game, and many races involve split votes. MM and the Instapundit are a prime example of this, and they both have enough of the same voters to half each of them. but that's how the numbers game goes.

nothing is said about quality, only quantity. that's why you see fewer and fewer votes as you work your way down the Ecosystem.

Someone identify to me wher... (Below threshold)

Someone identify to me where I vote because I don't see anything that says, "Vote here" or whatever similar. Macromedia's working, still see nothing to enable a voting process (might be my firewall preventing some display but everything possible I believe is enabled at this point and I still don't see anyplace to actually cast a vote on the Awards pages).

Above the listings of the b... (Below threshold)

Above the listings of the blogs is a rectangular area where the Flash screen appears. If you can't see it your firewall must be blocking it. Turn that off for a minute and reload the page. It should work then.

I think I'm crazy/stupid en... (Below threshold)

I think I'm crazy/stupid enough to comment on the horse race my weblog is losing.

As best European non-UK pol... (Below threshold)

As best European non-UK politics neocon and Islamwatch weblog, certainly the Brussels Journal should be nominated. It's written by top-journalists and EU thinktankers.


Tried to vote all week - it... (Below threshold)

Tried to vote all week - it tells me:

Error: You must have flash player version 7 or higher to continue. (Version 6 detected.)

I've done the MM install several times, still does not work.

I'm working on a commentary... (Below threshold)

I'm working on a commentary for the Design category. For now, I've got a funny True Blog Comics cover about the Weblog Awards, but it's not about any particular category.

I do want to mention a glar... (Below threshold)

I do want to mention a glaring omission of favorite blogging software: Powerblogs. Used by Dean Esmay, Volokh Conspiracy, and The Moderate Voice, among others. When I was doing research for my own site, it was the clear choice. Chris has a really nice system that works well for everyone from technical nincompoop to technology gurus.

I GOT IT, KEVIN! You should... (Below threshold)

I GOT IT, KEVIN! You should probably make this your first report. An in-depth look at the Best Blog Design finalists by a panel of design experts. With screen shots.

As a nominee in the Best As... (Below threshold)

As a nominee in the Best Asian Blog category, I am quite comfortable with my current 6th place showing. It is higher than I expected and, as expected, my hit counter is way up in the past week. Thank you for that. However, I find it interesting to note that the blogs in first and second place in this category each have about three times more votes than any of the blogs in the overall Best Blog category. Even with several thousand votes already deducted from each due to some uncovered cheating, it still strikes me as bizarre. I am of course doing a running commentary on this on my blog, mixed in with entries on more usual (for me) topics.






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