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You can't con an honest man

It's an old aphorism, and for the most part it's true: most scams are dependent on the greed of the victim. They are convinced that they are getting something for nothing, or something for a lot less than it's worth, and they are blinded to the truth.

It's the foundation of the infamous 419 scams -- someone is trying to evade the law, and is willing to pay for help. It's the core of the pool hustle -- the other guy seems to have more money than skill or brains. And the truly honest people almost never fall for them, because they know that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I was reminded of that little lesson when I read this story, about a woman who told illegal aliens that she could help them become legal -- for a fee, of course. For $60-$100, they could attend a presentation of hers where she showed how, for a mere $675, she could guide them through the legal loopholes, fill out the paperwork, file the forms, and win them citizenship. Cash only, of course, and no refunds.

The fun part is, once they've filed the paperwork, the government is aware of them and they are at higher risk for arrest and deportation. But by that time, Pastor Emma and her ill-gotten gains (cash only, and no refunds, of course) will be long gone, on to the next batch of illegal aliens to fleece.

Once again, we see the valuable service the illegal alien community is providing the rest of us. If they weren't such easy marks for con artists like Pastor Emma, the rest of us might end up their victims.

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Why didn't ICE think of som... (Below threshold)

Why didn't ICE think of something like this!

Yeah, but the illegal alien... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but the illegal aliens are WORKING HARD at being illegal!

Seriously, THEY have some kind of nerve yelling about people "breaking the law"...ripping THEM off while their own ripoffs go on and on. Workin' hard!

Just found your story today... (Below threshold)
Chris Puckett:

Just found your story today. I was on the jury that convicted her, what a fraud.






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