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Collusion Course

I'm doing everything I can to stay away from the 2005 Weblog Awards, but I feel I should point out that a couple of competitors are either taking the competition way too seriously, or trying to rig the system...

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We're having fun, inasmuch ... (Below threshold)

We're having fun, inasmuch there isn't a hope in hell competing with Daily Kos legions and Dilberts.

Amateurs<a href="h... (Below threshold)
it looks to me like they're... (Below threshold)

it looks to me like they're just having fun with the whole thing...

Shh, Ryan! You'll ruin the ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Shh, Ryan! You'll ruin the surprise! Let the people think they're fighting it out! It's more exciting that way. If word gets out that they're just goofing around and having fun with the whole thing, and not at each other's throats, then it'll be almost no fun at all.


I remember when the Awards ... (Below threshold)

I remember when the Awards were fun ..... a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

Of course I talk slap, but next year I'm gonna start campaigning early.

I'll be danged if some one else wins for best nude female midget blogger.

Is the Ramen regular or spicy?

oh, right.lol... (Below threshold)

oh, right.


i mean...er...this is some serious serious shit going on here. someone should call the cops before those cartoonists end up rioting.

Thanks to John...Sam now lo... (Below threshold)

Thanks to John...Sam now looks more and more like Jessica Rabbit: "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way!"

Quit all this frivolity. R... (Below threshold)

Quit all this frivolity. Right now. It's only funny until someone loses an award...and then it's only funny to the rest of us (who are also losers...but that's beside the point).

What's up with Chris Muir's... (Below threshold)

What's up with Chris Muir's "server error" result for links to his site?

As in, is that part of the ... (Below threshold)

As in, is that part of the fun?







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