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Don't mess with small town store owners

An alleged druggie tried to rob a convenience store in Merrimack, New Hampshire last Monday night. At the Friday arriagnment of Marc Dixon, prosecutors spelled out how he (allegedly) went into the store, confronted the owner, and demanded money. Then this budding rocket scientist set down his gun and turned his back on her to take the money from the register.

The lady then picked up his gun and beat him over the head with it.

He fled the store without any money and missing a bit of blood, but did take with him his gun, two shiners, and a rather impressive collection of bruises. The owner was a bit scared and a bit hoarse from screaming at him, but was otherwise fine.

He's being held on $50,000 bail for felony armed robbery. Police are apparently declining to press further charges of being a frigging moron in this case.


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Comments (13)

Please tell me there's a se... (Below threshold)

Please tell me there's a security video...

This idiot should be thankf... (Below threshold)

This idiot should be thankful that this store owner didn't pull the trigger on him. But New Englanders are considered much more friendly and gracious than we folks in Philly. I give this lady an awful lot of credit for her "restraint".

I am wondering how he got h... (Below threshold)

I am wondering how he got his gun back...

Favorite quote: Criminals a... (Below threshold)

Favorite quote: Criminals are stupid. That's why they're criminals.

If we're going to start cri... (Below threshold)

If we're going to start criminally charging people for being "frigging morons," we don't have enough jail space in this country. Nor would we have enough people left over to be guards.

Thank good stupidity is still constitutionally protected...

The lady then picked up ... (Below threshold)

The lady then picked up his gun and beat him over the head with it.


I'm with Mr. Burgess -- don't charge people with a crime for being dumber than a box of rocks. I think beating them over the head with their own guns (or, if they don't have guns, any handy box of rocks) should be about right.

If this happened in Texas, ... (Below threshold)
bob jones:

If this happened in Texas, the gene pool would have one less dumb ass. He'd been shot from the get go.

and if it happened in MA, t... (Below threshold)

and if it happened in MA, the lady would be charged with assault.

That lady should get the Co... (Below threshold)

That lady should get the Congressional Medal of Honor, and any other award we can think of. If nothing else, she gave me a good laugh!

In England, the store owner... (Below threshold)

In England, the store owner would have been jailed for assault, and subject to being sued by the perp.

You're never too old to ope... (Below threshold)

You're never too old to open a can of whoop ass!

The article says the guy cl... (Below threshold)

The article says the guy claims it was a fake gun. It could have been an air-soft replica which would look *exactly* like a real gun, is made out of the same stuff, and is just as heavy.

Still armed robbery in any case, but it might explain why, once he got the gun back, he just ran.

Might also explain why he d... (Below threshold)

Might also explain why he did something as moronic as set the gun down on the counter and turn his back. Ack.






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