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Richard Pryor Dies Of Heart Attack At 65

(AP File Photo)

Arguably the funniest, foulest, and most influential comedian of the baby boomer generation passed away today after a long battle with multiple sclerosis.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Richard Pryor, the caustic yet perceptive actor-comedian who lived dangerously close to the edge both on stage and off, died Saturday. He was 65.

Pryor died shortly before 8 a.m. of a heart attack after being taken to a hospital from his home in the San Fernando Valley, said his business manager, Karen Finch. He had been ill for years with multiple sclerosis, a degenerative disease of the nervous system.

"He did not suffer, he went quickly and at the end there was a smile on his face," his wife, Jennifer Pryor, said. "I'm honored now that I have an opportunity to protect and continue his legacy because he's a very, very, very amazing man and he opened doors to so many people."

For my money there was no one funnier.


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Comments (21)

I'm sorry to hear that. The... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry to hear that. There was a stretch of 3 or 4 years that Pryor was absolutely untouchable. Gosh, he'd have us in stitches.

Agreed. He was the best.</p... (Below threshold)

Agreed. He was the best.

If there is a God, I hope he has a sense of humor. Richard suffered enough in this life.

I have such fond memories o... (Below threshold)

I have such fond memories of Pryor in his "glory days." It was really hard watching his health decline over the past decade, especially knowing that he had shaken the drug habit that nearly ended his career. I was in hopes that he would be entertaining well into his senior years, like George Burns and Bob Hope. Alas, maybe things were getting dull in heaven.

Aw, man, this is really sad... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Aw, man, this is really sad. And you know what immediately comes to mind?

"Dracula? What kind of name is that for a nigga?"

'What's up with your teef, fool?"


God rest and bless you, Richard. You were one of the best.

RIP Mr. Pryor.I'm ... (Below threshold)

RIP Mr. Pryor.

I'm actually surprised he lasted this long. What with his history of drug use and then MS, his body took quite a pounding. I think it's remarkable he lived to be 65.

"Honkey, HONKEY!" had me la... (Below threshold)

"Honkey, HONKEY!" had me laughing to the point of tears.

RIP, Richard Pryor.

he's headlining tonight at ... (Below threshold)

he's headlining tonight at the Pearly Gates Comedy Club... opening acts are Bill Hicks, Sam Kineson and Mitch Hedberg

"What in the fuck is that f... (Below threshold)

"What in the fuck is that funky smell? Smells like shit in here! Some devilish shit at that! Put your clothes on....and get the cross outchur pussy, bitch....we havin' compny!"

Don't you love AP? "Caustic but perceptive?" Huh? I wasn't aware those two things were mutually exclusive. In fact, I'd say they usually go together.

Hm-m-m....good... (Below threshold)


richard pryor is the funnie... (Below threshold)
kyle newhall:

richard pryor is the funniest man that ever lived and he has infleuenced hundreds of comedians and touched the lives of millions

I remember the day he caugh... (Below threshold)

I remember the day he caught on fire and came running out to the street,We livied 4 houes over and I will say he was RUNNING!!!! But I still have to say ,funniest man ever to touch a stage,Be well my friend Rich" God has other plans,Your old friendly Pal, Billy

one of the funniest men to ... (Below threshold)

one of the funniest men to ever live, he single handedly got me into stand up comedy. Who else turns a trajic moment into one of the best comedy routines of all time. WE will all miss you and never forget the things you did for comedy as a whole, rest in peace you funny bastard you, rest in peace.

"I've seen better faces on iodine bottles."

What can I say about such a... (Below threshold)

What can I say about such an amazing man.

He will be missed by all, even the ones that don't think they will miss him, will miss him.

Richard Pryor was THE GREAT... (Below threshold)

Richard Pryor was THE GREATEST comedian ever and an inspiration to soo many people. His comedy was hilarious, yet thought provoking. He will truly be missed.
That was one funny motherfucker...

Right now while I'm writing... (Below threshold)
Terry Osman:

Right now while I'm writing this I'm actually listening to his stand up comedy act. He will be truely missed. He has made my laugh a many of time and sure that goes for the same for millions of people around the world. Richard Pryor will always be in our hearts.

Richard Pryor is the best t... (Below threshold)
Shriner Steve:

Richard Pryor is the best that ever was. He made his struggles our laughter and there is no higher form of giving than that.

God Bless Richard Pryor. I ... (Below threshold)
Letrisse Willie:

God Bless Richard Pryor. I cried when I heard the news. I was just watching Jo Jo Dancer, last night! Pulled it from hundreds of movies to watch. I love Richard Pryor, he is a true pioneer, and the greatest comedian this world will ever see! You will be missed Richard! My prayers go out to your loved ones and family.
God Bless.


Richard made me laugh proba... (Below threshold)
Lori Casey:

Richard made me laugh probably more than any other comedian. I remember staying up late and watching his many helarious movies. May he live forever in the memories of all who loved him. God Bless.


Being 65, he was not... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

Being 65, he was not a baby boomer. The oldest baby boomers are currently 59.

From "Some Kind of Hero"</p... (Below threshold)

From "Some Kind of Hero"

VC - Prison guard
"Who is Mr Meoff?"
Richard Prior's character
"Sorry, I forgot the first name. It's Jack., Jack MeOff!

Will be missed.

"We are gathered here today... (Below threshold)

"We are gathered here today ... on this ... most sowwwful occasion .... to put to rest the dearly departed. He was dearly, and he is departed. That's why we call him 'the dearly departed.' In otha words, the ni**a dead."






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