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Perspectives.. Or The Lack Thereof

You have to wonder about some people. Including Steve over at Hog on Ice who amusingly opines:

In other disturbing blogwhoring news, Paul at Wizbang is now hiding behind the dead bodies of hurricane victims because someone had the audacity to not take his stupid contest seriously. Someone mentioned this in a comment to an earlier post. Find it yourself. Here is what Paul said in a Wizbang comment. I swear to God, I did not make this up. Swallow whatever you're drinking first.
As for me, I live in a town where over 3 months after a hurricane blew thru they are still finding dead bodies in the rubble. And these dumbasses are whining over Weblog awards?

Okay, stop laughing. This is very serious. Don't you understand? Making fun of the Weblog Awards is EXACTLY THE SAME as saying you don't care about drowned people! And also, making fun is "whining," whereas crying about removing mean people from your contest is manly and objective!

I'm so sorry I attacked those poor dead people by pointing out the obvious, which is that the Weblog Awards are silly.

Tomorrow, Paul will explain how not loving the Weblog Awards is the same as kicking a puppy. A cute little speckled puppy named Tuffy, who only wants to be your friend and lick your ear and cuddle up next to you on the couch and adore you. And you...you BASTARDS...you just want to kick little Tuffy, over and over and over, by not pretending to have multiple orgasms over being part of THE COOLEST INTERNET CONTEST EVER!

I hate to burst Steve's bubble. But I have exactly zip-zero-nada to do with the Weblog awards. In fact, to be brutally honest, I think they are silly. You'll never see me post on should win best picture or who got robbed of a Grammy... In fact -an unhealthy obsession with American Idol not withstanding- you'll rarely see me make a "pop-culture" post. It bores me.

It bores me because it is, by definition, artificial. As the recent "pay to play" scandals at Sony (?) highlight, people do not choose what media we get, it largely gets pushed on us by a few people in high places.

As such I ignore it. I'm far more concerned with reality than fantasy. I don't read fiction.

And that's where the perspective comes in. I live in town where they ARE still finding dead bodies a quarter of a year after a hurricane. My sister finally returned to her house this week. She lived in a raised house and it avoided the flood waters by mere inches.... It was the only one for blocks.

When she went in, she found people had been living in her house after the storm. For days. And she knows this because among other things she found used diapers. Can you imagine being trapped in a house with no electricity, no food, no running water, in 90 degree heat with a baby? For days?

I have cousin who flooded but got her house fixed as quickly as possible. She got new bedding etc. Then the roofers came to put on her roof. While the old roof was off, a rainstorm blew in and she flooded again, this time from the top... Meaning all new flooring, all new bedding but this time she needed new ceilings and insulation too.

I have a friend who is a 22 year veteran of the New Orleans police department. He retired with many honors just last year. He lost everything in the storm but that's not the worst of it... New Orleans has no tax base.. Which means no money. Which means no retirement. He's too old to start a new career, he lost everything he owned now he has no income. (Update: Yet another Katrinarumor, the retirement is being paid.)

These people meant more to me before the storm than any Weblog Award and they certainly mean more after.

I have not posted these stories before... There was no point. It is a horrible situation, if you "get it" you get it if you don't... then you don't. I post them now only to offer perspective. This year, even more than most, I really don't care what happens in the Weblog Awards.

Steve also avoided linking my comment which would have offered some perspective too.

And ultimately it is about perspective. Maybe if Steve thinks about life a bit, he'll get some.

Upate: My bad... Asking Steve to think was expecting way to much. He still says I am comparing people criticism of the awards to the death and destruction in New Orleans. Steve must have skipped english calls the day they taught Comparing and Contrasting. I am, of course, CONTRASTING people whining about meaningless versus awards with real problems. But I guess he's not smart enough to figure it out.

That's OK Steve, my 13 year old nephew didn't get it last semester either. But when you do learn it, we can move on to metaphors and similes.

Update: And another dumbass who takes quotations out of context. What intellectual might that requires.


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Comments (19)

Yeah, that part is both ina... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that part is both inaccurate and in very, very bad taste. I think most people get that, however, and were carrying forward with the absurdities and HogOnIce's emotionalism about PM and "negative blogging news" sortof opining.

Most of us read past that part, Paul, and understand the importance of what and realize that neither you nor Jay Tea are involved in the Weblog Awards...but people just combine you with Kevin in all things Wizbang, and, the Awards are " = " Wizbang, so the generalizations ensue.

But, seriously, most people, I am sure, realize the significance of the suffering and hardship from the Louisiana, Mississippi and even other areas.

But, I still wish you and yours would consider moving somewhere else. You can always commute to N.O. if you really have to remain affiliated, but I don't get what makes it realistic to rebuild in an area that's in a flood plain...and very likely to be swamped again and soon. Levees are not altitude.

Wow, talk about zero readin... (Below threshold)

Wow, talk about zero reading comprehension. Showing how silly whining about the Weblog Awards are in comparison to the very real tragedy of New Orleans is somehow read to mean that the Weblog Awards are as important as the New Orleans' dead?

Hog on Ice, or Braindead on Ice?

I continue to be baffled by... (Below threshold)

I continue to be baffled by everyone who complains about the Weblog Awards. It's good clean fun, and nothing more. I've never heard anyone affiliated with it claim anything more than that. Nobody will earn a living as a result of winning one. Nobody will fail as a blogger as a result of losing one. Simple. Deal with it.

If anyone really cares about supporting a good cause, click here. You can help a worthy charity without dipping into your wallet, and it'll only cost you 30 seconds.

p.s. The link doesn't point to my site, but the cause is one I care for and am raising money for.

Just F.Y.I.

Why give the guy a link? He... (Below threshold)

Why give the guy a link? He wants to start a back and forth where he will take everything you write out of context and as a personal attack while claiming calling you a "blogwhore" is valid criticism.

He's a loon.

Rick Moran

Oh come on people aren't we... (Below threshold)

Oh come on people aren't we taking Everything too seriously (yes, put me in that group). Irreverence used to define Wizbang! (back in the day ...... Paris Hilton Porn Video ....... ring any bells?).

Hog is a verbal sniper. He aims for funny. He has no ulterior motive. And he doesn't recognize past norms or conventions or orders of peck in the sphere.

No one is safe. And no one is specifically targeted. It's whatever comes up in the line of comedy fire. Doesn't mean he hits the target 100%? But his aim is pretty impressive.

The awards used to actually be fun. The pimping and self promotion however is a big turm off for any fan of any particular website so engaged.

I mean did not Kevin first criticize Laurence for being too serious? It's all a little kaleidoscopic really.

I'm not sure being a "verba... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure being a "verbal sniper" entitles one to be a incomprehensible dumbass but your milage may vary. ;-)

No Kevin critcized Laurence... (Below threshold)

No Kevin critcized Laurence for offering to help out with the express purpose of trying to screw me. Otherwise I could give a shit what LS thinks about the awards.

I understand the self-pity,... (Below threshold)

I understand the self-pity, life-revolves-around my problems syndrome. Anyone who can't understand my narcisssism, well, they're just not serious people and fail to recognize that while I'm suffering, they may not enjoy anything until I give them permission.

Yes, I do understand that problem. I was working on an amputation of the gangrenous leg of a 10 year old boy whose parent's had walked him in by donkey from Kandahar to the hospital. They arrived at midnight; we finished at 8 AM. The boy had stepped on a butterfly--Soviet-landmine six days before. It was now black past the knee, smelled like death--yet he never cried. A stoic hero. When we finished at the frontier Swedish Committee hospital, we went to the American club for breakfast and well-deserved drinks. We overheard some German's recounting in detail their party the night before. How dare they enjoy life? Laugh? Didn't they recognize our suffering?

The boy died 4 hours later and was buried--by custom--immediately in an unmarked grave. His parents had left for Kandahar--on foot, with their 3 year daughter riding on the donkey, but now without their son. No tears. No FEMA. No federal programs. No protection from loss and grief. That's the way it really is.

If they don't matter so muc... (Below threshold)

If they don't matter so much, then why did you post the original post about how you'd have kicked out so and so if you were in charge of the weblog awards?

Raina read my comment.... (... (Below threshold)

Raina read my comment.... (linked above)

Beth, I'm not linking anyone.

The situation is what it is. Personally, I tire quickly of hypocrisy and manipulation. So I had my say.

Ultimately if his tactics win... that's part of life too.

As for me, I live in a town where over 3 months after a hurricane blew thru they are still finding dead bodies in the rubble.

And these dumbasses are whining over Weblog awards?

Note, I explained the first post in the comment: Personally, I tire quickly of hypocrisy and manipulation. So I had my say.

My problem from the begining was not someone ragging the awards... it is that they were being so hypocritical about it... it just wears thin.

Beth was wondering why I did not link anyone in "the food fight."

I told her candidly... They can fight it out, I wasn't linking anyone. It all just seemed so meaningless.

Still does.

Go back and read the post and the comment and it is hard to get a different picture.

Saying that I compared complaining about the Weblog awards to the deaths in New Orleans is really quite delusional. - And frankly as someone who lives here quite insulting.

>If they don't matter so mu... (Below threshold)

>If they don't matter so much, then why did you post the original post about how you'd have kicked out so and so if you were in charge of the weblog awards?

Nope, never mentioned names. Commented the hypocracy and left it alone.

See also Janette, the 5th comment.

I've read your comment seve... (Below threshold)

I've read your comment several times and I guess I'm stupid or something cause I still don't get it.

Why does not mentioning names or linking anyone change anything?

I haven't the foggiest idea who it is you were talking about originally and what he said and if it was offensive or not. Personally, from your description it sounds like the guy was trying to be funny or ironic. I mean, if I were going to try to genuinely cheat at the weblog awards, I wouldn't do it like that because it would be pretty freaking obvious. In a similar way, if I were cheating on my spouse I wouldn't, say, walk into church with my boyfriend. Hypocritical sort of assumes that you're trying to be somewhat sneaky about it - you know saying one thing to the public and doing another behind closed doors - not doing two different things in public. If you're not being sneaky, then you're being either stupid and hypocritical or just trying to be funny or ironic, sucessful or not.

But, reasonable people could disagree on your original post and I didn't really see a problem with it. I have no personal problem with you or anything and I usually like your posts, so I'm seriously not trying to be snarky with you or anything.

But when you later post that the weblog awards are silly, it makes it seem kind of silly that you got all upset about it in the first place.

And it makes it seem really silly that you compared something to deaths in NO, whether that something was dissing the weblog awards or being hypocritical about the weblog awards. It really sounded like you were using a terrible thing that you and other people went through as a way to shut down critics in a discussion that has absolutly nothing to do with the topic in the first place. That's an emotional, non logical argumentative technique and I have no respect for it.

That would be like me discussing school vouchers with a liberal and when he made a point, me saying "well there's lots of people being raped out there and I was too, so I don't really see how you can be worrying about this right now." It was stupid. I'm sorry, but it really was. Either admit it and get past it, or keep whining about how mean people are and they just don't get it, but that's just the way it is.

What Raina said.... (Below threshold)

What Raina said.

Oh, sorry, I mean CONTRASTE... (Below threshold)

Oh, sorry, I mean CONTRASTED some weblog thing with death and destruction in NO. Not that it changes the point...

>But when you later post th... (Below threshold)

>But when you later post that the weblog awards are silly, it makes it seem kind of silly that you got all upset about it in the first place.

I did not get upset about someone dissing the awards.. I stated -on several occasions- that it was the hypocrisy that wore me out. If you've read my previous posts for a while, you know it's one of my hot buttons.

>It really sounded like you were using a terrible thing that you and other people went through as a way to shut down critics in a discussion

STOP- Hold that phone. Your idea (and Steve's) has a fatal flaw. That comment was not aimed at a critic but at one of my supporters. (or someone who supported my point) So the whole idea that I used these peoples' deaths to silence critics is absurd. (go read the thread)

You can read whatever you want into whatever I write, but when I address the post to someone BY NAME that part shouldn't be up for creative interpretation.

If I were trying to stop a critic you MIGHT have a leg to stand on. I was actually "using" it to explain to someone on "my side" why I did not want to get into a food fight.

And lastly Raina if I were trying to stop the hypocrite with this comment, don't you think I could have done a better job than refusing to help the people who were trying to stop him and by specifically saying "Ultimately if his tactics win... that's part of life too."

If I were trying to stop him I was doing a piss poor job!

I thought I was showing abundant apathy.

If you are such a fan of logical arguments please present one.

And if your argument is that you still don't understand, please do not reply. If you still don't get it, you have not been reading.

Ok, let me just fix my vouc... (Below threshold)

Ok, let me just fix my voucher argument here then...

Me: Point about how vouchers are cool.
Stupid Liberal: Point about how vouchers suck.
Commenter: Here's another reason why vouchers are cool.
Me: Hey, Commenter, people get raped all the time so I don't really understand Stupid Liberal is wasting our time on this.

You're right! Lighting a straw man on fire is totally OK so long as you direct it towards a person that agrees with you instead of a person that disagrees with you, even if you do it in public where everyone who disagrees with you can see it just fine.

You know, typically when I'm having a disagreement with someone where we are very polar and I come to the conclusion that nothing I say is going to change his mind, I will continue with the discussion because I know there are people on the fence who are listening. The arguments I make might actually be directed towards them then the person I'm having a discussion with. If I turn aside to one of them and say a logical fallacy, it is not less a logical fallacy because I didn't say it to the person I'm arguing with.

Fallacies are fallacies, even if I whisper them to myself when I'm falling asleep at night.

The reason I don't understand is because your excuses don't make any sense. The NO deaths comment was a straw man. It doesn't matter if you were comparing instead of contrasting. It doesn't matter who you lit the straw man for. It doesn't matter if you're commmenting on hipocracy or weblog awards. It doesn't matter if you were trying to "stop" the hypocrite or just trying to make people who agreed with you agree with you more. It doesn't matter how much you care. In fact, ironically all those points you've brought up are ALSO straw men. Apparently you have strong preferences.

And you complain about stra... (Below threshold)

And you complain about strawmen??? Did ya read ya post honey?

Frankly, if you don't get my point, you're a liar or an idiot.

I'm really bored trying to determine which.

So you're saying there's so... (Below threshold)

So you're saying there's some mysterious point other than "I was talking to Beth, not the idiot, so it's ok?" Please, elucidate. If I've got the point wrong I'd love to respond to the "right" one.

Ad hominum seems to be another one you're good at. It's always a good choice when you're tired of trying to make excuses for your original mistakes. Frankly I'm not suprised you're tired, honey.

Sigh-- The whole premise is... (Below threshold)

Sigh-- The whole premise is rather unusual. You're trying to tell me that you know better what I was thinking when I made the post then I do.

How you know with such conviction what I was thinking, I'm not real sure.

For the last time... And it is the last time...

If I really wanted to harm the guy, I would have linked to the his opponet et al.

I rufused.

If you are incapible of figuring that out, well, I just can't help you.






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