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Schwarzenegger Denies Clemency For Tookie Williams

A federal appeal court declined to block the execution of the founder of the notorious Crips gang who is on death row for murder. Shortly thereafter California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger rejected his clemency appeal.

SACRAMENTO, California (CNN)denies clemency for ex-gang leader - Dec 12, 2005 -- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has denied clemency for convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams, who co-founded the Crips street gang.

Schwarzenegger announced the decision Monday shortly after a federal appeals court refused to block Williams' scheduled Tuesday execution.

The court made its decision about nine hours before Williams is to receive a lethal injection.

Williams, who is the darling of Hollywood these days for his anti-gang work in prison has never apologized for the 4 brutal murders he was convicted of and has steadfastly refused to drop the dime on former Crips associates.

Williams is scheduled to die by lethal injection at 12:01 AM PDT.


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Comments (28)

The Governor did the right ... (Below threshold)

The Governor did the right thing.

I was horrified -- as if not already -- a short while ago just prior to the announcement about Schwarzenegger's decision, when I heard Jesse Jackson and others include a comparison of Tookie with Moses.

I can't figure out if this was extreme recklessness or actual insanity.

And now "L.A. prepares for riots..." What a stupid response to this right decision.

Took, Took, Tookie Goodbye!... (Below threshold)

Took, Took, Tookie Goodbye!
Took, Took, Tookie don't cry!

Kevin, I think you mean 12:... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I think you mean 12:01 AM PDT. [Ed - He's right, that's what I meant]

And I can't wait to see the reaction of these idiots protesting to spare this murderer's life at 12:02 AM.

The people claiming this vile excuse for a human has somehow transformed himself are dispicable when you consider the crimes he has committed.
Would they be saying the same things had it been their own relatives he shot and killed?

How many people can create ... (Below threshold)

How many people can create their own career? There wouldn't have been nearly as much need for all that anti-gang work if he hadn't worked so hard to establish a gang to begin with.

Court Clements Tookie! Cou... (Below threshold)

Court Clements Tookie! Court Clements Tookie! See all the details here!

I think threats of violence... (Below threshold)

I think threats of violence in "retaliation" for a sentence carried out, and violence itself, should it occur just a few hours hence, is a pretty good indication that Tookie has not reformed, that he has not changed, that he is not "like Moses," that there's no message here of a higher order other than:


Tookie still has God to answer to so rioting and violence here on Earth isn't going to make a very good case to the Good Lord as to what Tookie has inspired.

the sickening part of all t... (Below threshold)

the sickening part of all this is to watch the support the man is getting from the NAACP and others in the black community showing that the color of his skin is more important than the content of his character.

Original content of the Ten... (Below threshold)

Original content of the Ten Commandments is considered, by many, to mean "THOU SHALT NOT MURDER," but "KILL" has been the going interpretation, but it's thought to be within the context of murder.

First let me say that I've ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

First let me say that I've revised my views on the death penalty over the last few years; I'm not in complete agreement with it as much as I once was. Yet I simply can't accept a moral absolutist position on the death penalty; I see the evil in it, the lowering of societal morals in it and it certainly goes against Christian teachings and principles. But there are times when a crime is so heinous, so remarkably goes against the morals of humanity and society (think mass murderers like Hitler, Saddam, Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgeway (the Green River Killer) and so on) that the death penalty is the only just means for punishment.

I think in the case of Tookie Williams the death penalty is completely justified. My reasoning? Williams is not only responsible for the murders of 4 people, he is also responsible for founding one of the most violent gangs America has seen in the last 30 years and, indirectly or directly (your choice, but I say directly), is responsible for hundreds if not thousands of deaths on American streets. He may be no better than Abu Musab al-Zarqawi; in fact, he may be worse.

Has he saved that many lives with his work in prison? Perhaps, yes, but I think one would be hard pressed to prove that point. But is that enough? Not in Tookie's case. He's responsible for too much pain, too much hurt and too many destroyed lives.

I take no joy in his death, but I feel no remorse nor do I wonder "are we doing the right thing?" either.

"skin is more important tha... (Below threshold)

"skin is more important than the content of his character."

Clearly, that's not the case. He's been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and dedicated (at least) 10 years of his life to non-violence. The kind of support he is receiving is based on those merits.

I don't believe in murder for murder, so of course I think he should be spared. But I really feel for the cops on this one, because we could see an upsurge of violence against them. At least that's the info I get from my cop buddies.

"Clearly, that's not the ca... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

"Clearly, that's not the case. He's been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and dedicated (at least) 10 years of his life to non-violence. The kind of support he is receiving is based on those merits."

You're kidding right? ANYONE can be "nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize," it's an open nominations process! As for "dedicating 10 years of his life to non-violence," thats pretty easy when he's in prison and violence just gets him locked in a solitary confinement.

He's been nominated for ... (Below threshold)

He's been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and dedicated (at least) 10 years of his life to non-violence.

You know that anyone can be nominated, right? Hitler and Stalin both got nominations.

ANd if he's so dedicated to non-violence, why hasn't he told all he knows about past crimes?

Tomorrow!Tomorrow!<b... (Below threshold)

Tookie's dying tomorrow!
It's onlyyyyyy a day away!

Hell, Arafat WON a Nobel Pe... (Below threshold)
John S:

Hell, Arafat WON a Nobel Peace prize. And that mass-murderer was one of the most evil men to ever live.

You know, if I hear one mor... (Below threshold)

You know, if I hear one more person comment about how anti-Christian the death penalty is, I don't think I will be able to contain myself.

Clearly, that's not the ... (Below threshold)

Clearly, that's not the case. He's been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and dedicated (at least) 10 years of his life to non-violence. The kind of support he is receiving is based on those merits.

This is laughable. Tookie is receiving support based on the fact that left wing moonbats are always perversely fascinated with unrepentent nihilistic, amoral murderers. Whether it's the Black Panthers, or Mumia, or Peltier, or Tookie, no matter where they go, you'll find a crowd of fawning, left wing groupies following close behind. Bianca Jagger was practically soaking her panties talking about Tookie this weekend on TV. The reason for this is because deep down, their convictions are pretty much the same. The only difference is that thugs like Tookie have the guts to act out their murderous fantasies, and the lefty groupies don't.

jp2, I think you forgot one... (Below threshold)

jp2, I think you forgot one thing in your reply: A smiley. Like the other poster said, you have got to be kidding.

I have a business partner who is also a college associate professor. He has been nominating his dog for a Nobel Peace Prize for many cycles now. Why? Political statement - that's why.

No, his dog hasn't won yet, but he's placed better than Tookie I'd bet. Why, because he's killed fewer people...

It is a semi-open process, and hundreds of thousands (last I read) are nominated. Many for political reasons - like my partner's dog, and Tookie Williams.

Williams has sold well over 300 or so books that were coauthored with a person who is an anti-death-penalty activist. He has refused to provide information to the authorities that would help them reduce gang problems through the legal system.

Mr. Williams has never admitted his guilt. Had he admitted his guilt, said he was sorry for his crimes, and then truly worked hard to atone for what he did, there might, just might, be some reason to seriously consider commuting his sentence to LWOP.

But not Tookie Williams. He was, and is, a cold blooded murderer. And as and mother of the Crips, he holds significant responsibility for many other murders and the reign of crime and terror that gang has wrought since inception.

Though I'm less and less in support for the death penalty, I find in this case it is too nice a punishment for something like Mr. Williams.

The world would be a better place had his mother aborted him.

I don't believe in murde... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

I don't believe in murder for murder, so of course I think he should be spared.

Neither do I -- the old eye for an eye routine. But murder is the illegal taking of life. Tookie gets what's coming to him following a laborous legal process which will result in the legal ending of his life as punishment for crimes committed.

There is a difference, although I doubt such things will penetrate.

Once in history it was ok t... (Below threshold)

Once in history it was ok to hang innocent people among racist spectators and no justice was served. These killers did not have to worry about clemency because they didn't even have to go to jail. What is the difference? Thats what i want to know..... Oh yeah he's an african american

Murder, in my opinion, is a... (Below threshold)

Murder, in my opinion, is an intentional killing. Has nothing to do with being legal or not. When the state accidently kills the wrong person, does it then become murder?

And yes, I know lots of people receive peace prize nominations and the criticism is warranted. However, he has some important people backing his work in non-violence, but most of you are right, it's rather irrelevant. But I'm one who thinks prison is for reform, and I think he has certainly done that. Not enough to be released of course, just not murdered.

I don’t understand why so m... (Below threshold)

I don’t understand why so many people are supporting this guy. He is the co-founder of a violent and deadly gang called the ‘Crips‘. Maybe because the crimes happened so long ago, and most of the people around today don’t know any better. There’s a saying - a leopard doesn’t change its spots. The same can be said about gang bangers and murderers. Just because he says he has changed, where is the remorse for the killings he did and ordered as a Crip? Where is the justice and clemency for the people he killed? The liberal bleeding hearts in this country are ruining us all. They will defend a murderer before they defend the victim. Remember, this is what he was caught for, how many crimes did he commit before this? How many lives have been shattered by the gang he started. ”But wait”, the bleeding heart liberal says, “triple homicide does not make one a bad person…we should try to understand him!”

It is also the “in” thing to do. Victims/Survivors have very few rights & very few advocates. Where are the people on T.V. that are standing up for the victims in this case. What about what they have been going through knowing that the man, who murdered their loved ones in cold blood, is being celebrated by the MSM and celebrities ad nauseum. I think we have coddled criminals for too long. Put them back on the chain gangs and let them serve hard-labor like they are supposed to. It’s too easy for them now. It’s too easy for them to say they’ve changed and want to go out into society and do good. I don’t trust any of them.

HAPPY EXECUTION!!!!... (Below threshold)


'Murder, in my opinion, is ... (Below threshold)

'Murder, in my opinion, is an intentional killing. '

Self defense? Justifiable homocide? War?

As usual your opinion isn't worth the effort used to express it.

I think SilverBubbles is ri... (Below threshold)

I think SilverBubbles is right! Jesus is probably really happy right now! Happy birthday Jesus! We got you another dead negro!

jp2:Adolf Hitler w... (Below threshold)


Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. So was Arafat. Among many others.

The nomination -- if even the award itself nowadays given the leftism of the committee involved in determining these awards -- means nothing beyond an egotistical talking point.

Which is why I do believe the awards exist and why the nominations occur, because it has little to nothing to do with "peace".

If so, then, hey, ~~Adolf Hitler, Arafat, these are people who are to be commended above all the rest of humanity for inspiring and bringing about peace in our world!~~

Please, any and all, recognize that paragraph (^^) just above as extreme and exasperated sarcasm.

The concept and implementat... (Below threshold)

The concept and implementation of capital punishment is an act on behalf of society to deal with, respond to, ON BEHALF OF SOCIETY, acts by someone that are so extremely harmful to society as to be penalized with loss of life by the perpetrator.

It's a societal response intended to influence some but also to implement a social response of the most definitive kind to and about acts that are intolerable to society.

I don't regard capital punishment as "murder" -- it's not an unprovoked taking of life by society upon an innocent bystander, but the explicitly explained and specifically defined societal response to behavior that requires extreme punishment.

Have you ever read the specifics as to the behaviors and actions by the Green River killer? By the BTK monster? By John Wayne Gacy? Sadly, there are more, but the point is, these are monstrous behaviors by persons who, despite the harms to others, to themselves morally and spiritually, behaved with utter depravity and intentional deathly depraved harms to and about anyone and everyone who they possibly could victimize.

We could all argue that it's humane for society to just lock these types up and feed, clothe, house, treat and entertain them for the duration of their lifetimes, but, society makes no statement about the deparavity involved by doing so, makes no compensatory act on behalf of the members of society who suffered and did so so awfully. It's an act on behalf of society and especially on behalf of the victims to PROTECT society that the punishment of capital punishment is used. It's never lightly determined, not aimlessly assigned and should never be but in the extreme cases such as, yes, "Tookie," wanton ruination of others' lives and intentionally causing terrible pain and suffering and loss of life merits a response by society of capital punishment.

I don't favor it but in some cases, I consider it just. In Tookie's case as in the case of these others I mentioned and those like them, capital punishment was reasonable and just.

Anyone curious might want t... (Below threshold)

Anyone curious might want to read more about "moral manipulation" as it applies to many felons facing the death penalty.

-S-,You forgot to ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


You forgot to mention that Aarfat actually won the NP, along with Peres and Sharon.






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