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Another Year, Same Crappy Santa Picture

This picture first ran at Wizbang in December 2003 in a post called, Another Year, Another Crappy Santa Picture.

It's become a tradition to haul it out at this time of year as a monument to the futility of the Santa photo op, and as an introduction to the Scared Of Santa Photo Gallery.



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Comments (9)

Santa always scared me. I ... (Below threshold)

Santa always scared me. I ran by at Warp 6 when I was that age.

I hated clowns more, though. I still hate them. They're evil.

Wow Joe, I feel the same wa... (Below threshold)

Wow Joe, I feel the same way about clowns myself. I find them sinister.

Hmmm.Mimes.<... (Below threshold)




I see one doing that walking-against-the-wind thing and all I want to do is club them like a baby Harp seal.


You should be posting pictu... (Below threshold)

You should be posting pictures with Jesus, not Santa. Why are you promoting a war against Christians??

Verra funny. There were mo... (Below threshold)

Verra funny. There were more than a few "Santas" in the gallery that would scare me, too, I don't mind saying. The ones with the masks are at the top of the list.

My father, now 73, has long... (Below threshold)
Malibu Stacy:

My father, now 73, has long been mistaken for Santa Claus by tiny tots at this time of year, ever since his beard went fully white about a decade ago. He certainly has the bowl full of jelly physique, but he's also incredibly tall (6'6"), so you would think he'd seem about as cuddly and jovial as the murderous Futurama Robot Santa. I don't know why little ones aren't more afraid to approach him with their sticky affection; he sure scared the willies out of me when I was a kid.

Cute babies, priceless pict... (Below threshold)

Cute babies, priceless picture!

Kevin, I think you just lik... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I think you just like tormenting your kids. You'll be "punishing" them with this for decades.

They're darling! I'm not su... (Below threshold)

They're darling! I'm not surprised there's a photo gallery, but it's not what you expect when you have kids. They should love Santa! They should be excited to tell him what they've been hoping for! They should treasure having a photo with him!

Wrong. I'm not sure what it is, but something sets the kids off. We never got one happy Santa pic. But I do get a good laugh about trying. Think Seinfeld: "Santa's a Commie!" The little buggers are so suspicious.






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