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Could this be the end of the French crullers?

I didn't realize until recently that Dunkin' Donuts, that quintessentially American franchise, was French-owned. I saw the French crullers and the French Roast coffee, and didn't think twice. I couldn't imagine any self-respecting French company (and I risk contradicting myself there) would ever stoop to owning such a business.

Well, one did. Pernod, to be precise.

Until last night, when a coalition of three American companies pooled their resources and brought the company back into the American fold. Two Boston-based venture capital firms, Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital Partners (which was founded by three men, one of whom was Massachusetts' current governor, Mitt Romney) and Washington, DC - based The Carlyle Group forked over almost two and a half billion dollars in cash.

They say that they don't intend to make any changes, but just the mere thought that the French no longer own Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin Robbins.

Togo Sandwiches, however, I could take or leave.


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Comments (13)

I wish there were more Dunk... (Below threshold)

I wish there were more Dunkin Donuts in the Dallas area. Coffee without the snobery of that other coffee retail chain.

If the Carlyle Group and ot... (Below threshold)

If the Carlyle Group and others bought out Dunkin Donuts from a French company, perhaps the main owners are now Saudis. I thought the Carlyle Group capital was mostly denominated in petrodollars.

You mean that I've been sup... (Below threshold)

You mean that I've been supporting the French all this time? I feel. . .dirty. Very dirty. Good on the folks for buying it back from the French.

They.better.not.change.the.... (Below threshold)


DD coffee is the best and so are their donuts. I really love the coffeeshop environment, the lack of all that tacky, snobby, uber stuff and would welcome a DD in my neighborhood any day.

Unfortunately, instead, we have Starbucks and a few other WhoIts and Peets and such. DD would be my preference, and I know many folks feel the same way.

But, yeegaads, I never knew DD was a French company. Smart, very smart, purchase there, Carlyle Group.

DunkinDonuts and White Cast... (Below threshold)

DunkinDonuts and White Castle Burgers are among my fondest memories from Gainesville, FL, University of Florida days.

I am very happy to hear tha... (Below threshold)

I am very happy to hear that! I am not surprised that it was Boston that pulled through. Those folks love their Dunkin' Doughnuts.

My cholesterol levels alrea... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

My cholesterol levels already protest all 3 of these chains. LOL

Hey, I like Togos!!!... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

Hey, I like Togos!!!

Ever since moving to the So... (Below threshold)

Ever since moving to the South I've been promoting Dunkin' Donuts against those slimy things Krispy Kreme pushes, though I hardly ever actually go to a donut shop. They're none of 'em any too convenient to where I live.

I shall have to celebrate this liberation of Dunkin' Donuts from the Dark Side by making a special trip sometime this week.

Mmm, DD has good breakfast ... (Below threshold)

Mmm, DD has good breakfast sandwiches.

Meby it's because I grew up... (Below threshold)

Meby it's because I grew up where there were a lot of Canucks, but "French crullers" predate DD. They were a standard at all the bakeries in my town, but the best came from the Polish bakery.

I hope they bring back the ... (Below threshold)

I hope they bring back the peanut butter cream filled donuts. Still the best donuts I ever had.

peanut butter cream fill... (Below threshold)

peanut butter cream filled donuts


Okay, no donut run today. Maybe tomorrow.






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