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Pregnant Skydiver Survives Face-First Free-Fall

This story has it all - video of the fall, the happy ending, and the surprise pregnancy.

SILOAM SPRINGS, Ark. -- Shayna Richardson was making her first solo skydiving jump when she had trouble with her parachutes and, while falling at about 50 mph, hit face first in a parking lot.

Although badly hurt, she survived - and doctors treating her injuries discovered she was pregnant. Four surgeries and two months later, Richardson said she and the fetus are doing fine.

"Just this last week we went and saw the doctor and we've got arms, we've got legs. We've got a full face. The baby is moving around just fine. The heart rate looks good. So not only did God save me but he spared this baby," she said.

In fact there's only one thing missing - sex...

Over at Skydiver Radio we find that the mom-to-be was into topless skydiving. Here's the caption for their November 7th picture of the week

Rick West takes a topless Shayna Richardson on a tandem jump over Ft.Dodge, Iowa during the 25th annual Couchfreaks boogie. Photo by Gary "Superfletch" Fletcher
Now this story really has everything (NSFW).


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Comments (20)

>Pregnant Skydiver Survives... (Below threshold)

>Pregnant Skydiver Survives Face-First Free-Fall

Another headline ya just don't see everyday.

Wow,Call the attor... (Below threshold)


Call the attorneys, this baby doesn't have a chance!
All the x-rays, anesthesia, surgery and so on to put this humpty-dumpty back together again and if her baby has so much as a "B" average through high school, she'll have hit the lottery!

What a country.

Thanks for covering this! I... (Below threshold)

Thanks for covering this! I saw it right after the story showed up on Yahoo! I track these kinds of incidents (long-fall survival stories) and have a web site dedicated to them. See http://www.greenharbor.com/fffolder/ffresearch.html

One important little bit of... (Below threshold)
Aunt Kathy:

One important little bit of information is missing concerning Shayna's topless jump: she did this topless jump along with 14 other women to benefit breast cancer. Each woman was sponsored to jump topless. Although I don't have the exact amount raised from this topless jump I do know it was done for a good cause. Shayna does not ordinarily flaunt herself in public this way, in fact, she is usually quite modest; she skydived topless for a good reason.

Aunt Kathy

When you said "the only thi... (Below threshold)

When you said "the only thing missing - sex," I thought you were touting this concatenation of miracles to include an immaculate conception, too.

Now THAT would have been a story...

Having almost married a Jop... (Below threshold)

Having almost married a Joplin girl, I can assure you that there isn't a whole lot of "Show Your T**s!" activity in the area, if any.

That photo of Shayna at <a ... (Below threshold)

That photo of Shayna at http://www.skydiveradio.com/pic_of_week/potw13.jpg shows her with her instructor/boyfriend Rick West, who is the father of the baby. Looks like she likes 'em dark. Mmmmmmmm. Hey, maybe they're hooked up in a SERIOUS tandem there, and we just can't see it! By-atch!

Since you have to die from ... (Below threshold)

Since you have to die from something,...I choose to be struck by a topless skydiving girl.

I'm certainly glad that par... (Below threshold)

I'm certainly glad that parasitic mass of tissue that threatens to take over her womb is alright.


I mean, it would be tragic for anything to have happened to it.

Wouldn't it?

Of course, if she didn't want it, that's another story altogether. Somehow.

*sigh*There's alwa... (Below threshold)


There's always one, isn't there? One sourpuss commenter who has to politicize a happy-ending story and be Captain Bringdown.

That person often serves as a reminder of why I hate people at large.

Jim K,It is sad to... (Below threshold)
Aunt Kathy:

Jim K,

It is sad to hear that you hate people at large -- I kind of feel sorry for them. I mean, here we are, with our opposable thumbs and all, building perfectly good airplanes simply that we might jump out of them, trusting that a thin sheet of fabric tied with strings, and whatnot, will safely plant us back on the ground -- what is up with that? Are we the smartest animal, or the stupidest animal? Sad, sad, sad.

Aunt K

Now that is what I call a "... (Below threshold)

Now that is what I call a "QUICKIE".

Oddly enough, topless skydi... (Below threshold)

Oddly enough, topless skydiving isn't that unusual. If you're jumping out of a plane from 2.5 miles up, somehow taking off your shirt doesn't seem to be the most dangerous thing you could do.

Maybe the impact made her pregnant. Knocked an egg loose or something.

Saw this on T.V. today. Ye... (Below threshold)
Joe L.:

Saw this on T.V. today. Yeah, she survived, but she has 18 plates in her head and for now she still looks patched together---not as pretty as she used to be. She's in constant pain and according to the report, the "doctors had to remove one eye and then put it back in."


Yeah, she survived, but ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, she survived, but she has 18 plates in her head...

Please God, don't let her ever be ahead of me in line to the airport security checkpoint.

John Burgess, Didn't they ... (Below threshold)

John Burgess, Didn't they teach the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception at Catholic U? Everywhere in our culture it is used to denote a sexless conception of human life. Understand that the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception does not have anything to do with the birth of Jesus Christ. It refers to the birth of Jesus's mother Mary, the sole human born without the stain of original sin. She was conceived in the standard human manner with a mother and father. I think this is too far misunderstood in our culture to be able to change it now. Sorry for the rant but this is a pet peeve. Bungalowlife

SOMETHING SHE FAILED TO MEN... (Below threshold)


See, this is exactly what I... (Below threshold)

See, this is exactly what I'm talking about! The media makes this slut a darling because of her terrible tragedy. But they dare not say anything about the fact that she's an adultress.

Just wanted to state that w... (Below threshold)
a kansas city skydiver:

Just wanted to state that whoever was saying that this "topless" jump was for the Jump for the Cause is completely false!!! My own mother survived breast cancer and I am a licensed skydiver from the midwest. I am offended that someone is trying to pass off this youthful show of immaturity as a "good deed" for breast cancer. Don't make a mockery of those who truly care and fight for this cause! Shayna was jumping with Rick at the Couch Freaks Boogie in Ft Dodge, IA. It is common knowledge there that most females can get a free tandem jump if they agree to go topless. I can only speculate what her motives were but it was certainly not for Jump for the Cause. http://www.jumpforthecause.com/participant_page.html The website states the particpants and they are all licensed skydivers with significant experience.

Thank you kansas city skydi... (Below threshold)

Thank you kansas city skydiver! I had my doubts about the whole Jump for the Cause thing based on where this jump took place. It didn't coincide with anything related to a "good cause". This trashy bitch is a cheat, a liar, and a slut. This accident happened because she was screwin' off, and everyone tried to spin it. I sure hope Jump for the Cause didn't realize any bad PR thanks to her and that no-good boyfriend of hers.






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