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Rescue Me

Blogger King Of Fools has started a company called Blog Rescue with the goal of providing top quality blog technical support - geared toward those who either don't understand the technical side of their blog or who cannot be bothered to mess with it. I've worked with KoF on the great Blogspot migration project a few years ago, and he's helped me solve a particularly vexing CSS issue here at Wizbang, so I whole heartedly recommend you check out his wide range of services - including hosting.

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My blog, <a href="http://sa... (Below threshold)

My blog, Say Anything is now hosted on Blog Rescue and I am 100% satisfied. I'm something of a novice when it comes to the tech side of blogging, but The King made the move painless and worry free.

I'd highly recommend his services to anybody looking to have a realiably hosted blog.

I completely agree. Ed, Ki... (Below threshold)

I completely agree. Ed, King-of-Fools, is great with technical issues for bloggers.






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