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There are none so blind as those who will not see

Witnesses Against Torture is a Christian group that draws its purpose from the Bible, to perform the Acts Of Mercy. They hear the stories of abuse, and they are compelled to bear witness and call attention to it.

In the spirit of that calling, they recently went to one of the few remaining Communist dictatorships in the world, where people of faith are routinely oppressed, which has a truly excerable record on human rights. They travelled there, assembled, and marched across that land that suffers under a brutal despot. They walked and talked with the repressed people, shared their thoughts, hopes, prayers, and aspirations. They fasted, putting their own bodily needs aside in pursuit of the Lord's work.

After walking that fifty miles, they found a bastion of America. And it was there that they finally found something to object to.

These people had let themselves be led by the hand across the heart of Cuba, one of the last vestiges of that great, inhumane, soul-killing evil that is Communism, let the dictator's puppets strap blinders over their eyes and plugs in their ears, and cheerfully trod across the backs of the enslaved Cubans to show up at the gates of Guantanamo, where the United States maintains a presence that dates back over a century, and has been a perpetual thorn in that dictator, Castro's, side ever since he began his oppressive regime.

I'm no Biblical scholar, but from what I recall, there are numerous verses that these so-called "Christians" seem to overlook. I recall several condemnations about hypocrites, something about motes and beams and eyes, and a couple of others.

On the other hand, I think a phrase allegedly coined by Lenin might apply here. To describe those who, out of deranged principle, sheer naivete, or willful ignorance, end up endorsing and supporting great evil, despite how much they ought to simply know better.

I've always thought the best exemplar of the "useful idiot" was Walter Duranty, the New York Times reporter who won a Pulitzer Prize for his reports from the Soviet Union that whitewashed Stalin's engineered famines in the Ukraine that killed between 7 and 10 million people. By that standard, these "Witnesses To Torture" simply can't stand up. But they're certainly following in his footsteps.

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These people are the one's ... (Below threshold)

These people are the one's who tell us about how high the literacy rate in cuba is, and how they have such wondrful universal healthcare for the people. Then they do their best to depict America as the ultimate evil in the world.

Shouldn't they use the acro... (Below threshold)

Shouldn't they use the acronym for The Witnesses Against Terror?

Headline: After 50-mile hike, Smelly TWATs Have Arrived


Jay Tea,Take a loo... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

Take a look at the page that details the members of this group. That will tell you all you need to know about them.

And don't assume that Catholic=Christian. Especially where a Catholic organization or social movement is concerned.

The Catholic Workers Moveme... (Below threshold)

The Catholic Workers Movement? They sound like communists to me. If you check out their website, it seems more so. They have communal farms. More Hypocriticism from the left.

speaking of Stalin we shoul... (Below threshold)

speaking of Stalin we should never forget his crimes against Chukchi Dogs todays Siberian Huskies

The only good communist is ... (Below threshold)

The only good communist is a dead communist.
Yes this is a group of good Christians, just like Castro was a good Jesuit. And Stalin a good seminary student. these assholes should do the world a favor and make themselves good communist in an environment safe manner.

To see the true depravity o... (Below threshold)
jd watson:

To see the true depravity of Castro's Cuba these people apparently missed, visit The Real Cuba and look at some of the photos smuggled out of the worker's paradise.

Yep:And don't a... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


And don't assume that Catholic=Christian. Especially where a Catholic organization or social movement is concerned.

I think I see what you're saying here, at least in the first sentence. The second sentence is a bit odd. Is this bad? Good? After all, Catholic Charities is one of, if not the best relief organizations in the world, thanks to its spare overhead and lack of red tape (unlike the Red Cross) and they are often "first on the scene" as they are already involved in some of the most impoverished areas of the world where tragedy often strikes. So that second sentence hits me as a tad odd.

In general...

No doubt this group of people is certainly turning a blind eye to the injustice of Castro's regime, and their motives are suspect and they are selective in their condemnation of who is truly guilty of being unjust and who is not.

I don't see much Catholic or Christian in them when they defend the indefensible (Castro), and condemn what they do not know. (Gitmo prisoners "...who have been held for more than three years under horrific conditions by the U.S. government." Horrific conditions? How do they know? Have they been inside Gitmo? They're making a ton of assumptions.)

I know they mean well, but they're blind to their own hypocrisy.

Yeah, the oldest contradict... (Below threshold)

Yeah, the oldest contradiction going: romancing communism, extreme socialism as if the process was religious in nature.

There's the same problem, however, among liberal Jews, or, at least, people who culturally claim to be Jewish and yet don't live by the Torah, are often atheists, reject Orthodoxy, and consider the ACLU with fervent religious devotion instead.

It's the same behavior among some who claim Christianity and yet reject Jesus Christ and Biblical principles (pretty well includes most who today claim leadership in the American Episcopal Church), and those "Catholics" in name only who continue to claim Catholicism and yet reject what the Church instructs, what the Catechism describes. Let's see...John Kerry comes to mind here, and then there's the infamous remarks recently by the likes of Warren Beatty (not Catholic) who harped on about how he was raised (his parents were Protestants) and that that seems to justify in Beatty's mind why communism in CA is alright and that he's qualified despite not believing in Christ himself (his parents did, that seems to be how Beatty explains himself otherwise).

These are people who have gone a long way in life on property, fame and wealth and sell a version of government on their cobbled-together concept of 'religion' that's based upon money, upon a sort of "people's religion of party" thing...

Same way Castro got his militants together and has kept them, by the way, when taken to the extreme. But I don't see much difference from Castro and Beatty, sad to say, nor Kerry who seems nearly parallel with Castro in the concepts of treason and rejection of capitalism, surrender of the worth of the individual in devotion to the revolution sort of thing.

Similarly, try and explain ... (Below threshold)

Similarly, try and explain why the Bolsheviks -- mostly cultural Jews in Europe -- led the forceful implementation of communism in Russia (Karl Marx was Jewish, by the way).

People can and often are led astray to the point of ruin -- and lead others astray, even worse -- and that they have some relationship or had one at some point in their lives with Christianity does not mean that Christianity, and Catholic Christianity, nor Judaism, are at fault, but the humans spoiled by whatever influences have led them astray.

Catholicism is Christianity. Not all human beings are both or either, however, and a name tag is a dime a dozen.

::: shaking head :::... (Below threshold)

::: shaking head :::

I think this thread needs m... (Below threshold)

I think this thread needs more stereotypes.

<a href="http://ww... (Below threshold)






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