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Pajamas Media - Building A Better Echo Chamber

Others are doing far better job of deconstructing the Pajamas Media experience (or lackthereof), but I did want offer a quick visual that points out one of the early worries of bloggers about the whether OSM was building a blog echo chamber.


Technorati: 19 links in the last 6 days (Sorted by: Most Authority)

In fact the first 13 of those 19 new links are from InstaPundit. Nearly all of the rest are from PJM authors.


Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Pajamas Media - Building A Better Echo Chamber:

» Caerdroia linked with Does This Need "Ouch" or "Heh"?

» In Search Of Utopia linked with Interesting...

» The American Mind linked with A Tight Web They Weave

Comments (9)

Hmmmm.I don't know... (Below threshold)


I don't know. I was busting on them for creating stories that were really little more than link-fests to other bloggers. Can we really bust on them for then linking to themselves?

If they are the only ones l... (Below threshold)

If they are the only ones linking to their content, sure...

Wow, it's like going to the... (Below threshold)

Wow, it's like going to the bathroom in one of those swanky places with mirrors on two opposing walls - except that Glenn Reynolds doesn't get smaller and smaller in the distance...

Random Yak, I wonder where ... (Below threshold)

Random Yak, I wonder where he gets a mirror like that.


Hey, I'm just curious okay??

I noticed the other day tha... (Below threshold)

I noticed the other day that Glenn had no less than 8 links to PJM in a 48 hour period - not counting several links to other PJM bloggers. You have to wonder what Glenn is thinking. All these years he's spent building his reputation as a linker of quality material flushed down the drain on the promise of a little cash. I suspect if he carries on like that he'll lose readers faster than a toilet stop in rattlesnake country.

In Glenn's defense he's sti... (Below threshold)

In Glenn's defense he's still linking to non-PJM weblogs--me for one. My biggest fear was he'd ONLY link to PJM weblogs.

What's just as big is Roger Simon and Charles Johnson don't seem to like their PJM dog food very much. Simon did link but it was six days ago. I see nothing from LGF.

Sortapundit FTW. "lose rea... (Below threshold)

Sortapundit FTW. "lose readers faster than a toilet in rattlesnake country."


"...PJM <a href="http://www... (Below threshold)

"...PJM dog food..."?!?

So let's do a little basic ... (Below threshold)
Elvis Was A Narc:

So let's do a little basic math...

You claim only Pajamas Media bloggers are linking to Pajamas Media, but leave out what you actually put in the search bar.

If you search for "osm.org", one of the PJM sites, you get 916 sites linking it, and if you look at "Pajamasmedia.com", which is their other site, you get links to 599 sites.

Both numbers (916 and 599) are far more than the 70 or so sites in Pajamas Media. Your premise seems false






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