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You Know You're From New Orleans When...

You know you are from New Orleans when you are late for an appointment because you are stuck in traffic behind a bulldozer driving down a city street with a boat in its bucket.

And you know you are really from New Orleans when you call your customer and tell him, "I'm running a little late because I'm stuck in traffic behind a bulldozer carrying a boat" and he doesn't find it unusual or even ask for further explanation.

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That is hysterical.<p... (Below threshold)

That is hysterical.

FWIW, Vicky may be coming down there this weekend. I'm sure she'd love to buy you a beer.

I've been thinking about gi... (Below threshold)

I've been thinking about giving fellow bloggers free tours. Where is she headed?

My years in the constructio... (Below threshold)

My years in the construction business demand that I respond (can't...keep....from...responding!) Sounds more like a front-end loader. A bulldozer has a blade, not a bucket. The difference is a bucket carries stuff (usually dirt, but as seen in Paul's encounter they are often employed in unique haulin' activities) and blade merely pushes dirt (such as terrorist headquarters.) Also, a 'dozer is a tracked vehicle with a very large mass and would wreck the roadway. A front-end loader it wheeled and generally weighs 20 tons or more less than a 'dozer.

You know you're really, rea... (Below threshold)

You know you're really, really from New Orleans when you're stuck in traffic, behind a "front end loader" carrying a boat, you call your client to inform him, and it's his boat.

And for the golden coon-ass award, he asks if there's any bait left in the live-well. Just in case.

Thanks, Scrub Oak. I was ju... (Below threshold)
Phillip II:

Thanks, Scrub Oak. I was just trying to figure out which Tonka to buy for Christmas...

Ha! scrub_oak you're on the... (Below threshold)

Ha! scrub_oak you're on the ball.. it was indeed a skid steer front end loader.

But if I called it that, who besides you and me would know what I was talking about?


(worked way thru school as a landscaper/laborer)

Alright! Another grunt is i... (Below threshold)

Alright! Another grunt is in the house! I also paid for my education by literally (even by James Taranto's ultra-orthodox definition) eating dirt and crawling through mud working for a concrete foundation subcontractor.

I know a bulldozer from a f... (Below threshold)

I know a bulldozer from a front-end loader from a backhoe, and I can't even drive a forklift. I did get away with using the company's motorized pallet jack a few times several jobs ago, until the boss decided mere stock clerks weren't to be trusted with it.

And no, I wasn't the one who convinced him of that.

Ouch-Back when I w... (Below threshold)


Back when I was making like 3.50 an hour they had a local concrete company paying laborers 60 bucks a day. I figured double the rate of pay was a good deal.

After like 5 days I figured landscaping was not such a bad deal. (maybe I lasted a little longer)

Looking back thru older eyes, I was the young kid and the old farts gave me the worst of the worst jobs and worked the shit out of me. Guess that was to be expected.

I'm quite glad those days are well behind me.






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