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Hey Man, Nice Catch!

New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza and New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada will have to fight it out for second billing as New York's top catcher for a little while. There's a new catcher in town and his name is Felix Vazquez. He made the most important catch of all yesterday - a newborn baby. From The New York Daily News:

With flames raging behind her, Bronx mom Tracinda Foxe held her newborn son out of her third-floor window yesterday, hoping to get air back into his tiny lungs, when she saw a crowd gathered below.

She prayed. And then Foxe did the only thing she thought she could do to save her son: She dropped him.

...One-month-old Eric Guzman fell 30 feet through the frigid morning air - and, miraculously, landed safely in the arms of Felix Vazquez, a city Housing Authority supervisor.

"I didn't think - I just wanted to get him," said Vazquez, who, appropriately enough, is the catcher on the nearby Forest Houses baseball team. "I just reacted."

The grab was recorded by a surveillance camera.

Nice catch Felix!

See the video.

Update: Apparently Paul LoDuca is the Mets catcher, which is what I get for not playing Fantasy Baseball...


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Comments (10)

What's up with stories of p... (Below threshold)

What's up with stories of people falling and surviving lately?

Anyway, that was a good catch.

Good thing he was a basebal... (Below threshold)

Good thing he was a baseball player and not a football player ;)

He should get the diamond r... (Below threshold)

He should get the diamond ring!

Good thing Carlos Beltran a... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Good thing Carlos Beltran and Mike Cameron weren't going after the kid.

Mets catcher is Paul LoDuca... (Below threshold)

Mets catcher is Paul LoDuca......

Yanks catcher is Jorge Posa... (Below threshold)

Yanks catcher is Jorge Posada...

[Ed - Fixed. Thanks.]

Did you see the crack whore... (Below threshold)

Did you see the crack whore standing 10 feet back, begging for the baby to be thrown her way!? Thank Gawd the only capable hands caught the child & performed CPR to revive it!

Doesn't work for me :/... (Below threshold)

Doesn't work for me :/

do you have a direct url to the video?

My windows media player says it doesn't recognize the format. Odd.

Obviously, this isn't all t... (Below threshold)

Obviously, this isn't all the vid, but does it strike anyone else as odd that all the people standing beneath the window walk away behind the guy with the baby? Isn't that woman still in the window of the burning building?

Fire-fighters got her out, ... (Below threshold)

Fire-fighters got her out, she only dropped the baby because it stopped breathing. I saw/heard that on the TV news. Mom was rescued safely, baby doing fine.






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