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Iraq Goes To The Polls

An Iraqi family casts their ballot at a polling station in Basra, Iraq, 550 kms south of Baghdad Thursday Dec. 15, 2005. Iraqi voters faced tight security measures Thursday as they cast ballots in the first parliamentary election since the fall of Saddam Hussein, an election which the U.S. hopes will build democracy and lay the groundwork for American troops to withdraw. (AP Photo/Nabil Al-Jurani)

Democracy is a family affair...

Iraqis head to polls in historic election - [MSNBC]


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Comments (14)

All Things Beautiful TrackB... (Below threshold)

All Things Beautiful TrackBack 'Iraq's Purple Finger Of Democracy':

"Today belongs to the people of Iraq, and we wish them both a speedy and successful path to the freedom of democracy....Kevin Aylward @ Wizbang reminds us that "Democracy is a Family Affair".

As a free people, we should... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

As a free people, we should support the Iraqi attempt at building a free democratic country.

I hope they succeed.

Some personal thoughts:... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Some personal thoughts:

If the Iraqi people aren't Time magazine's Men & Women of the Year, then there's something definitely wrong.

And by the way, can an entire population be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? Just a thought...

It also sounds like things were relatively peaceful (for the third consecutive time) as well. The poor MSM is going to have so little to report. Sob.

Last thought: If the insurgents, Saddamites and Baathists are so organized and things are in such chaos in Iraq, then why wasn't there more violence during all three elections? Did they get their dates wrong on the calendar? Do they even have calendars? Were the bombs just not ready? Are they just beginning to run out of martyrs? Or was it just a collective "day off" for Zarqawi and Co. so they could vote, too?

Three successful elections. Just incredible!

Condolences to Tubby Ke... (Below threshold)
Clifton Britt:

Condolences to Tubby Kennedy, Dingy Harry, Bela Pelosi, Moe Schumer, Carl Levin and the cast of a couple of dozen like thinkers. I realize that a successful democratic election in Iraq is a bitter pill to swallow. Especially after already eating several helpings of crow.

Even though you don't like crow entrees, you'll get over it.



But wait, hold on to your o... (Below threshold)

But wait, hold on to your optimistic hats! On 12/4/05, Senator Chuckie Schumer told WABC-TV in NYC that, "there will be no government in Iraq the way they're trying to structure it now...they're going to have these elections, but that's sort of being imposed on them...let's face the music, there's three groups in Iraq and they all hate one another." Chuckie Schumer said so...HE SAID SO!! Randolph, Mortimer...TURN THOSE MACHINES BACK ON!!!

Oh my! Looks like the disl... (Below threshold)
L Lane:

Oh my! Looks like the disloyal opposition are having a bad day, maybe a bad year. Election in Iraq, horrors, the US just might win the War on Terror. No loony leftie would want that.

Good news on the economy, more people working, gas prices coming down, people are happy. Damn, that's not good.

One nation under God and Merry Christmas!

I am not sure what was demo... (Below threshold)

I am not sure what was democratic about the Iraqi elections. No serious debate took place. The Kurds will vote for Kurds, the Sunni for Sunni and the Shia for religious maniacs who are Shia. There will still be a civil war and more of our soldiers will die. Ultimately a Saddam Hussein will emerge who will govern from Baghdad sharing the spoils with local chieftains and everyone will get back to killing Kurds. I see nothing to cheer about.

bob, mind telling which sid... (Below threshold)
The Ace:

bob, mind telling which side of the government has waged "civil war"?
Mind telling us why one side of the alleged "civil war" has taken to a Jordanian as it's "leader"?

Hey, what about the "theocracy" the left assured us was coming??

    But what really surprised me was the turnout in the Sunni population. We went to a place called Dura in southern Baghdad. It's quite a violent place, it's quite a poor place, it's mostly Sunni, but the turnout was high there. They said that they had made a mistake, basically, by sitting out the last election. They wanted their voice heard, they wanted to be counted, and so they're going to the polls today. ... The one thing most people have said is that they don't want a religious state here or a religious government.

*sigh* another silly, ignorant liberal lie exposed...

Some <a href="http://today.... (Below threshold)
The Ace:

Some "civil war" huh??

Bob, care to share of few o... (Below threshold)
Harry Arthur:

Bob, care to share of few of your predictions way back when Reagan called the Soviet Union the Evil Empire and demanded they tear down the wall. Bet you were wrong then also.

It's sad to see such cynicism, and virtually every assertion wrong. Must be very annoying to see the progress in Iraq.

I've spent 20 years active ... (Below threshold)
Ken Conner:

I've spent 20 years active duty (still serving)with 3 deployments to the Middle East away from my family. Every minute was worth it to watch this happen. OH, I also did it without terrorizing any women and children in the middle of the night. Bob is obviously a clueless fool just like the left wing fools in this country.

Bob, you are partially righ... (Below threshold)
Jerry Fullerton:

Bob, you are partially right! You see nothing.

Hey Harry, care to share yo... (Below threshold)

Hey Harry, care to share your feelings after our old friend osama bin and his mujhadeen boys brought down the USSR with the help of our money and weapons and training? I bet you thought we had won then too, didn't you?

Bob, please stop with the t... (Below threshold)

Bob, please stop with the typical wishful thinking that we have come to expect from the left.

How does it feel to belong to a party that is so depraved that its vision of success is the failure of democracy in Iraq and the death of American soliders? Shouldn't that give you a clue that something is seriously wrong with your vision?






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