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Picture Of The Day - Attention Whore Edition

U.S. Senator Joseph Biden shows his ink-stained finger in a polling centre during Iraq's parliamentary elections in al-Hillah, Babil province December 15, 2005. REUTERS/Cpl Rob Knight, RLC/DMOC/Crown copyright

Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del) veered away from the Dean/Murtha axis, telling CBS' "The Early Show this morning, "The bottom line is they still need us here. But the key to this is not a military solution. It's a political solution." Looks like Biden is yet another Democrat cutting and running from the Dean/Murtha Cut & Run camp.

All of which can mean only one thing, he's clearly running for President in 2008.


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Comments (31)

Absolutely amazing doublesp... (Below threshold)

Absolutely amazing doublespeak.

I dunno... I could swear I'... (Below threshold)

I dunno... I could swear I've heard that quote somewhere before.

At least he has a bit of co... (Below threshold)

At least he has a bit of common sense in seeing that the current Democratic leadership position is a loosing one.

As for his running in 2008? Carnack the Magnificent might have said "And the answer is: 'What do his chances of winning the nomination and pigs flying out of Hillary Clinton's backside have in common."

This is a perfect candidate... (Below threshold)

This is a perfect candidate for a caption contest. My early entry....

"Oooooohhhh! So THIS is what was up my ..."

PLAGIARIST.I think... (Below threshold)


I think it's his character fate that's continuing to show.

I'm waiting for Kerry to sh... (Below threshold)

I'm waiting for Kerry to show and say, "(he's) for Iraq but opposes the war."

Which is exactly what Biden is "saying" complete with plagiarising the same tortured 'logic'.

At least it is a real finge... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

At least it is a real finger (presumably) and not a plastic one.

Question: how many Iraqi's... (Below threshold)

Question: how many Iraqi's in the picture with Senator Biden were scared enough to wear a flak jacket? I'm just askin'.....

OK, I'm missing something h... (Below threshold)

OK, I'm missing something here:

1. WTF right does BidenWhore have to cast a vote in Iraq???

2. What kind of confidence does the man (I think that's what he portends to be, anyway) exude when he and his cronies wear exposed flak jackets, apparently poached from soldiers (in that the jackets are desert camo colored, not dark, like those issued to police or secret service personnel)???

Potential answer to both: "Hey, Hillary, look! I have balls too, and even I know how to wear a flak jacket, look like a man, and whore it up for the press!!!"

p.s.: if the idjit is trying to protect himself from sniper fire by wearing a flak jacket as conspicuously as that, and there really WAS a sniper with talent in the area, his jacket is nothing more or less than an easy means for said sniper to target a good shot. Stupid.


I bet Smurfette is happy.</... (Below threshold)

I bet Smurfette is happy.

Little Joe Biden,Fla... (Below threshold)

Little Joe Biden,
Flak Jacket and Smilin',
Hogging the Political Pie;
Purple on his Finger,
In Iraq I will Linger,
And cried "What a good boy am I!"

Actually, Wanderlust, Biden... (Below threshold)

Actually, Wanderlust, Biden's foolish costume well broadcasts his mental midgetry: "Look, ma, no helmet! But I got the jacket on!"

The self importance of thes... (Below threshold)

The self importance of these liberal assbags makes me want to puke. The next thing you know is that Biden will claim that he was the first one with the idea of showing the purple finger for support.

"Smell my finger, it smells... (Below threshold)

"Smell my finger, it smells like a Republican"

I got nothin..

I'm with Wanderlust. My fir... (Below threshold)

I'm with Wanderlust. My first thought on seeing that picture was what right does Biden have to vote in the Iraqi election? Maybe we can get lucky and the Iraqis will arrest him for vote fraud.

What a dick.... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

What a dick.

Hilarious. If you speak out... (Below threshold)

Hilarious. If you speak out against the war, you're called a traitor and hoo-rid constantly.

If you actually go to Iraq and speak of the positive things, well, clearly it's just a political tactic.


What's even more awesome, j... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

What's even more awesome, jp2, is how you don't see the hypocrisy in that.

Joe Biden enters a whole ne... (Below threshold)

Joe Biden enters a whole new frontier of vote fraud.


I can prove that it wasn't my head that was up my ass.


Joe Biden: still giving Iraqis the finger.

While everyone else seeing ... (Below threshold)

While everyone else seeing this offers Joe a *different* finger.

Who takes Joe Biden serious... (Below threshold)

Who takes Joe Biden seriously anymore? He is another wannabee who has absolutely nothing to add to the current dialog.

Okay Joe, you're that sure ... (Below threshold)
Tom M:

Okay Joe, you're that sure that Iraq is important, and necessary, and all that. Why then, Joe, why aren't you all over the airwaves defending the h*ll out of the other Joe, who is taking quite a lot of heat over this issue? He could use your help, Joe.

He is only holding up his f... (Below threshold)

He is only holding up his finger to see which way the wind is blowing....today...

It's Joe Biden doing the ha... (Below threshold)

It's Joe Biden doing the hand jive... baby...

Looks like Joe needs a few ... (Below threshold)

Looks like Joe needs a few more hair plugs.

"That gutless, draft dodgin... (Below threshold)

"That gutless, draft dodging, chickenhawk POS in the White House started this assinine war three years ago, and you know how many times he's been here to see the mess he'd made?"

Disgusting.... (Below threshold)


Let him run! He's had abou... (Below threshold)

Let him run! He's had about as many positions on Iraq as Kerry did, and look where it got Kerry.

Caption:"Hey, guys... (Below threshold)


"Hey, guys, PURPLE braaaaiiiins."

It ain't over till the purp... (Below threshold)

It ain't over till the purple lady sings.

Have no doubts, Smilin' Joe... (Below threshold)
Mace Price:

Have no doubts, Smilin' Joe Biden is a true villain. He makes me ashamed to be Irish. But he'll never see the White House and neither will Infernal Hillary...The Dems will run John F. Kerry again in '08. This time he'll win...Then he'll attack Iran. Remember I told you so.






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