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At least they admit their double standard...

With Wednesday's announcement that Mitt Romney would not be running for governor of Massachusetts, the state's Democratic machine kicked into high gear. One candidate immediately stepped up his attacks on the Lieutenant Governor, while others (read: candidates and the Boston Globe) immediately called for Romney to resign immediately. Their argument seems to be that if he's even thinking of running for President, then he's too distracted and doing a grave disservice to the taxpayers of Massachusetts.

Funny, I don't recall the Globe objecting when Michael Dukakis ran for president while a sitting governor, or calling for Kerry to resign his Senate seat (or even give back his pay) when he skipped 7 out of 8 roll call votes during his campaign... and that question was too obvious for even the Globe's reporters to overlook.

One nice thing about the Globe: at least you know where you stand with them -- they're firmly in the Democrat's pocket, and vice versa.


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'at least you know where yo... (Below threshold)

'at least you know where you stand with them -- they're firmly in the Democrat's pocket, and vice versa.'

The Globe isn't so much a newspaper as a DNC fanzine.

I also read the Best of the... (Below threshold)

I also read the Best of the Web yesterday...

http://www.opinionjournal.com/best/?id=110007683 (4th item)

When it comes to democrats,... (Below threshold)

When it comes to democrats, phrases like "in their pocket" when used to express such clear partisan behavior seem wholely insufficient. I think you should say it like it is:

"...they're firmly in the Democrat's crotch pocket, and vice versa."






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