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Boobs and boars

Note: For new Wizbang readers (or those who have just forgotten), neither Paul nor Jay Tea are involved in any aspect of The Weblog Awards. Any posts of theirs dealing with the topic are personal opinions only.
I have a lot of people who ask me why I have such a mediocre job. With my intelligence and gifts, they say, it's a real waste for me to be doing what I am, at that pay rate.

I answer that I have a rather perverse "gift." It seems that the greater knowledge and skill I have, the less people are likely to pay me for using it. For example, I can do a lot of math problems in my head faster than most people can with a calculator -- but calculators are under a buck these days. I have an excellent gift for spelling and grammar, but everyone has a spell-checker on their computers these days. I have a lot of interesting skills, but there simply isn't a demand for them.

WIth that in mind, I have to say I have a great deal of sympathy for the left side of the blogosphere. They have a remarkable ability to organize themselves behind a cause, to rally overwhelming support and utterly dominate elections.

Unfortunately, it only seems to hold true for things like the 2005 Weblog Awards, where they managed to run away with several of the top prizes. When it comes to things like real elections, they are utter and complete failures. For example, I think Kos has a perfect 0-18 record for backing losing candidates.

It's a terrible burden, to have abilities that no one wants, and not the ones that people need. I think I'll see how the master buggy-whip makers adapted...

Further disclaimer: as Kevin said, I had nothing whatsoever to do with the Awards. In fact, I only voted on three days, I think. And this piece was written before I actually looked at the results, but based on the results I'd noted while voting and last year's results, especially the rampant cheating by the Kos Kiddies, with the benign consent of Kos. Personally, I wish all the competitors had as much fun with it as Chris Muir Cox & Forkum did. Or took the opportunity to do something like this.


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Comments (21)

Is this one of those “leak”... (Below threshold)

Is this one of those “leak” thingies that everyone keeps talking about?

While your post was right o... (Below threshold)
Bat One:

While your post was right on target, your title is in need of some correction. When discussing Kos and other such denizens of the deep left, I believe the correct term is "Boors." Which is a whole other subject in itself.

It's a terrible burden, ... (Below threshold)

It's a terrible burden, to have abilities that no one wants

I know this is a little off topic, but I lost my job a few weeks back. Needing to find quick work to see me through Christmas I applied for about 5 basic data input jobs of the put the information on this piece of paper onto this computer sort.

I sent my CV off to a few companies, waited by the phone, didn't hear jack sh*t. This morning I go back to my CV, erase the fact that I have a degree and several other qualifications, whip it off to another company and get a phone call and a job offer less than 2 hours later.

People don't want intelligence. They want livestock.

Minor correction Jay, on th... (Below threshold)

Minor correction Jay, on the Kos record. I'd say he has a perfect 18-0 record of backing losers.

It's funny - you say this b... (Below threshold)

It's funny - you say this but all I hear is "waaaaah!"

well, if you could rig java... (Below threshold)

well, if you could rig java scripts to flood real poll stations, Kos and Co would win real elections too.

Jay Tea and SCSI, what make... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea and SCSI, what makes you think the Dems haven't realized this, and are busily working out a "vote-getting" gameplan as we speak?

Nice, Eli. Let's see Kos put up an awards program that can draw from both sides of the aisle. Right, never gonna happen. Not like Wizbang readers didn't already know that certain "winners" can't play well with others.

hmmmm I have a garbage man ... (Below threshold)

hmmmm I have a garbage man whose intelligence is off the chart, I have no idea why someone so intelligent would have that job, but then how could I. I am not as smart as he is to see the reasons he has for the job choice

I think the mechanics of th... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I think the mechanics of the elections are far easier to scam than you might believe. At least they seem to be beyond relying on cookies on the voting machines. At work I have access to dozens of machines with internet and could have voted numerous times if I cared to, but mostly I don't due to the disparity in voting that makes me believe voting doesn't reflect the actual readership.

Also, you have to factor in... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Also, you have to factor in the limited choices for the liberals.

Several catagories has just a few or only one liberal blog-so it was easier for them to win, while the conservative vote got spread over several quality blogs.

Sort of a bogsphere Perot effect.

This is like one of those m... (Below threshold)

This is like one of those moments in the high school lunchroom when you overhear table five, two rows away, mention your name, the name of who you were out with last weekend, and then try to strain without anyone noticing to hear the rest.

And, I voted three times ov... (Below threshold)

And, I voted three times over a four/five day period. I can't stand closing my firewall down inorder to even vote so decided I'm not going to again.

Perhaps the Weblog Awards needed a breather. This year was it.

Bat, I was trying to polite... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Bat, I was trying to politely refer to "tits on a boar," as in "as useless as." I try to keep at least the titles of my pieces clean.


Boy, there is more crying a... (Below threshold)
Blogsy McBlog:

Boy, there is more crying about this on the right than anyone could have anticipated.

I've heard it said - but no... (Below threshold)

I've heard it said - but not verified it myself - that buggy-whip makers are selling more now than they ever did. Instead of selling to people who used them on unwilling horses, they now sell to people who use them on willing humans.

This is great information o... (Below threshold)
Ted Smith:

This is great information on this site. More information on the Visto vs. Microsoft. Visto might have sued Microsoft for purely public relations gain.


Jay Tea-This illus... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea-

This illustrates my 'problem' with opinion polls-- do the people who will always intentionally **with malice aforethought** say, "Fuck you"! to any poll-taker -differ in their political beliefs from a 'random' population?

If so, any poll you take is completely useless...

Jay Tea,your post is... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,
your post is an embarrassment to the awards as a whole. Kevin included liberal sites because (my opinion) he probably wanted to be as inclusive as he thought he could. To post this on Wizbang only demeans the work he put into the awards themselves and tears down the good will generated by them.

John,What fricken ... (Below threshold)


What fricken planet are you from?

Just what about Jay's post do you find demeaning to Wizbang?

Jay Tea,The dilemm... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Jay Tea,

The dilemma of being cursed with unmarketable talents is as old as humankind itself. The good news is there's an answer if you are willing to adopt a different outlook on life. Do what so many people with unmarketable talents do, become an artist. You just need to think of edgy ways of expressing your art. You know, like putting a crucifix in a jar of urine or writing a funny book or play about conservative positions. There's little market for a conservative artist (the term is almost an oxymoron), so if you want the big bucks you'll have to degrade and delude yourself into becoming a liberal.

If you have too much self-respect for that, then your best hope is to try to break into the political columnist business. You have a good start here at Wizbang, you just need to figure out how to get paid for your craft. Lord knows we need conservative voices in the dreaded MSM.

Yes, political columnist is... (Below threshold)

Yes, political columnist is just the thing old chap! You can spend your days stinking drunk, blathering endlessly and making witless apologia for tin-plated dictator wanna-bes. Oh the irony!

Or, you could become a male escort, I hear they're very popular in the Bush Administration these days. Marilyn Monroe said it best: you just put your lips together and... blow. Which most of the windbags here seem quite capable of doing.






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