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Just like a good neighbor, Islam is there...

The Islamic Society of Boston is trying to build a mosque in Boston. I'm sorry, a MOSQUE -- a $24-million-dollar building, with a 125-foot minaret, a 75-foot dome, and lord knows how many seats -- I'm sorry, spots for prayer rugs. They started off with strong city support, even to the point of buying the (rather choice) real estate for about 43 cents on the dollar -- or less, if you believe some developers who say the stated price was lowballed.

The ISB has its share of critics, however. Especially since 9/11, people have looked askance at Islamic groups, scrutinizing their possible ties to terrorists. Several have questioned the ISB, naming names and pointing fingers.

The ISB, eager to prove itself a desirable neighbor and good citizen and all-around jolly sort, took this in stride and did what any reasonable person would do in a similar situation, when they found themselves at odds with their local newspapers, television stations, and other community organizations:

They're suing the bastards into silence.

I'm reminded of the old saying about "the beatings will continue until morale approves." In this case, though, it's "you will tolerate and accept us as peaceful, welcome neighbors, or we'll sue your asses off."

(Another story about it here, and another blogger's own excellent take on the situation here.)

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the solution is to file cou... (Below threshold)

the solution is to file counter suits. tie them up in court forever.

Technically, though, there ... (Below threshold)

Technically, though, there is no more American way to deal with a problem than to sue over it. The optimist would see this as a step forward from, say, a jihad.

Regarding the "second" suit... (Below threshold)

Regarding the "second" suit - filed by the guy against the Boston Redevelopment Agency - does that mean that Mumbles may have to get on the stand and explain/defend a $275,000 in-kind contribution to a religious institution when he cannot bring himself to say "Christmas tree" in public?

sorta's got an excellent po... (Below threshold)

sorta's got an excellent point.

And what's with the link to Santorum's website? He think he can run for President or somethin'?

If the city can give away land to muslims for a mosque, you'd think it vould find a way to donate its old text books to the parochial schools? Oh wait, that's against the law here in Massachusetts.

As an alternative, maybe th... (Below threshold)
Will Pickering:

As an alternative, maybe the Christian Scientists could be convinced to sell the Muslims all that land they own in Boston.

Sounds a lot like our death... (Below threshold)

Sounds a lot like our death penalty. We're gonna kill you to show you that you're not supposed to kill!






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