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Quote Of The Day - Unsportsmanlike Conduct Edition

It is one thing to come out and say that [Donavan] McNabb is a mediocre quarterback in a column but it is something totally different to basically call McNabb a house nigger.
Newspaper editor and Fox Sports analyst Gregory Moore, calling for the removal of Philadelphia NAACP chapter President J. Whyatt Mondesire, who slammed Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donavan McNabb in a cover story in the Philadelphia Sun - a paper Mondesire owns.

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Don't expect anything to co... (Below threshold)

Don't expect anything to come of this. The NAACP has been openly in bed with the forces of evil -- politically correct racism and collectivism -- since at least the 2000 presidential campaign. In keeping with this...change of mission, it has elevated to its leadership positions men who have no consciences and no sense of shame. I fear it will go on this way until the organization self-destructs.

J. Whyatt Mondesire, you ne... (Below threshold)

J. Whyatt Mondesire, you need to take the bone out of your nose.

Mondesire should "step down... (Below threshold)

Mondesire should "step down", Rush Limbaugh got fired from ESPN for saying nearly the same thing. Although I'm sure he would never espouse the anti-capitalism thought of McNabb giving away some of his cash to TO.

I never really noticed McNabb is Black, I see him as a QB, who happened to lose the Super Bowl last year - and then get thrown under the bus by TO, for not being able to score in the closing drive.

We ought to be calling orga... (Below threshold)

We ought to be calling organizations like this by names that reflect what they actually do:

NAACP: National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peonage.

ACLU: Anti=Christian Litigation Union

Tammy Bruce often talks abo... (Below threshold)

Tammy Bruce often talks about "groupthink" and it would seem that the NAACP spokesperson above has let his own version of it seep into his public rhetoric without even realizing it.

He deserve the public accountability.

Go back forty years and rel... (Below threshold)

Go back forty years and relook the NAACP trying to moderate the hate speech coming from folks, even Jesse Jackson (who was a real hate speaker - at least in Chicago where I remember him talking about killing the honkies - in his early days) and contrast it to where they have been the last ten years. Seems to be they decided unless racism remained a huge issue, they might loose their power base and reason d'etre, so they've been working hard to maintain what they were originally designed to erase. Wouldn't it be sad to see the NAACP prosecuted for Hate Speech or RICOH violations?

Taz has it right. Limbaugh... (Below threshold)

Taz has it right. Limbaugh was given the boot from ESPN for saying something just like this. Let the resignations begin!

Did anyone read what Mondes... (Below threshold)

Did anyone read what Mondesire wrote?

It's sad, but he's spot on. It's also sad that only a black man could say this without getting fired. (Then again - he owns the paper - who is going to fire him?)

Clancy, what's sas is Monde... (Below threshold)

Clancy, what's sas is Mondeshire's grammar. The piece is unreadable.






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