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And people wonder why I have a category called "Mass. Insanity..."

Boston, Massachusetts is one of the few remaining two-newspaper cities. The big boy is the Boston Globe, a renowned fish-wrapper that's owned by the New York Times. The other paper is the Boston Herald, a scrappy tabloid that was once owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp, and the influence still lingers. They do a damned fine job on a lot of things, but they still regularly go for the offbeat, strange, and just plain weird news stories.

This morning is no exception.

First, they had the tale of a pizza delivery guy who got kidnapped and beaten. This would be a fairly routine crime story, until you find out that the accused kidnapper was a tow-truck driver who, apparently, wouldn't give up the guy's car.

Then they have a rather unfortunate incident that happened at a school in Beverly, Massachusetts. It seems that a guy had a contract to supply toilet paper to the school's bathrooms. He lost the contract recently, and didn't take it well at all. Go and read it yourself -- I won't spoil it for you, just to say that it involves superglue and the police.

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That's funny! I went to tha... (Below threshold)

That's funny! I went to that school. I am not surprised someone would do something that juvenile in that area. I'm so glad I escaped.

Glad you didn't mention the... (Below threshold)

Glad you didn't mention the Boston Phoenix... on occasion I've tried to read that rag. :(






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