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Quote Of The Day - 13-1 Edition

"Usually Manning waits until the postseason before he chokes."
Fark commenter Kusanagi, on the San Diego Chargers ending the Indianapolis Colts dreams of a perfect season with a 26-17 victory. The Chargers pass rush pounded Peyton Manning like a pinata stuffed with playoff invites, leaving the MVP candidate bruised and battered.

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As much as I enjoyed watchi... (Below threshold)

As much as I enjoyed watching the Colts get beat, I admit this might be the best thing to happen to them. Now they can relax and go into the post-season with no extra pressure from trying to make it a perfect season. If the make it all the way, I wouldn't bet against them.

Yeah Manning choked. Someho... (Below threshold)

Yeah Manning choked. Somehow he was supposed to make his defense stop the Chargers and somehow he was supposed to pass protect....himself.

I love when jealous people make idiotic comments like kimosabi or whatever his name did.

That's how he always plays ... (Below threshold)

That's how he always plays against the Pats.

>Yeah Manning choked. Someh... (Below threshold)

>Yeah Manning choked. Somehow he was supposed to make his defense stop the Chargers and somehow he was supposed to pass protect....himself.

Second Manning, same problems. His dad knew that feeling too.

Somebody explain the follow... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Somebody explain the following to me (this actually happened): Yesterday at my local sports bar, I can't for the life of me understand why a group of Steelers fans were cheering every single good Chargers play, including a raucous celebration on the final gun! And here's what I don't get: A Chargers win actually hurt the Steelers playoff chances. Sure, the Steelers have won the tiebreaker with the Chargers, but that won't mean squat if the Steelers lose 1 of their next 2 and the Chargers win out. The Steelers will be out. Period!

So I asked one of the Steelers fans why they were rooting for Colts defeat. The deft response: "We don't like the Colts." And my retort? "Ah, I see. Now what if...(see above scenario)."

Naturally there wasn't much of a response.

All I can think is: Brainless Steelers fans. LOL

P.S. Manning didn't choke. ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

P.S. Manning didn't choke. His offensive line was just that: offensive.






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