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Showdown Over ANWR?

Psst! Hey blogosphere, did you catch this?

Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, is seeking to add the language authorizing drilling in the wildlife refuge to the spending bill. He has sought congressional approval unsuccessfully for years, and sees the defense/Katrina bill as his best shot of getting it done.

The proposal has long triggered fierce opposition, and adding it to the spending bill could prompt a filibuster in the Senate. But Stevens said he's hopeful that with key defense and Katrina money at stake, he can find the 60 votes needed to cut off debate.

You can follow the link but there is no need, those 2 graphs are the only thing they say about it. I'll leave my punditry for another day but I figured many of you might be interested in this.


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Comments (7)

Did you see this?A... (Below threshold)
I feel sorry for Stevens (a... (Below threshold)

I feel sorry for Stevens (and even more sorry for his wife! bah-da-boom!). He has a congenital medical condition called...

a disease manifesting itself in the brain's social cortex; also known as 'ideological autism' whereby selfish, anti-social tendencies
prevail despite all external facts or realities. Particularly prone to individuals of poor or inadequate education or limited 'life
experience' involving economic hardship or political oppression.

Common symptoms of Republicanism include an inability to participate in coherent debate, an inability to evaluate facts without employing narrow ideologically-based social filters, a fondness for easy or highly generalized answers to complex issues irregardless of research or statistical support, appallingly poor spelling and grammatical skills, and generally talking wildly out your arse.

"Irregardless" isn't a word... (Below threshold)

"Irregardless" isn't a word.

No, Stevens' problem is tha... (Below threshold)

No, Stevens' problem is that he's a pork-barrel pol in competition with Sheets Byrd for the all-time title.

On ANWR he happens to be right, like a stopped clock is twice a day.

"Irregardless" isn't a word... (Below threshold)

"Irregardless" isn't a word.

Now see what you've done, gone and ruined Caradoc's perfectly good (albeit ridiculous) rant.


Caradoc, Caradoc, Caradoc.<... (Below threshold)

Caradoc, Caradoc, Caradoc.
You've gone through a convoluted, lengthy statement about the lack of the ability to speak (or write) cogently and then you make an insipid blunder which belies your rant. You used "irregardless". The prefix "ir" means none, the suffix "less" means without. That makes it a double negative, in other word you're an illiterate bonehead!

irregardless is not a word<... (Below threshold)
James E Fusco:

irregardless is not a word
but regardless is and so is irrespective which is why many people confuse the two and blurt out the irregardless






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