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Sometimes I have evil, evil thoughts...

Suzy Rice (who goes by "-S-" around these parts) is a multi-talented woman. A gifted writer and artist, she's also an accomplished graphic designer whose career goes back at least thirty years. I'm proud to call her an online friend.

Of late, she's been having fun with Photoshop and a certain image.

In fact, she's been having so much fun, it's contagious.

Oh, I'm gonna burn in hell for that one...

(Update: First links fixed to show Suzy's own stuff. Suzy, I think you write more in the comments over here than you do on your own blog...)


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Comments (11)

Jay, I believe your first l... (Below threshold)

Jay, I believe your first links are broken.

Yeah, I can't see the "havi... (Below threshold)
Not Tony:

Yeah, I can't see the "having fun" images - some sort of trackback error.

Same here, but the rabbit h... (Below threshold)

Same here, but the rabbit head is great

In the case of H. Dean, it ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

In the case of H. Dean, it would be rabid head.

Nice site -S-

I see that our would-be bun... (Below threshold)

I see that our would-be bunny overlords have not yet given up.

It's a pancake with a bunny... (Below threshold)
Tim Jameson:

It's a pancake with a bunny on its head!

OK, I admit it: I don't get... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

OK, I admit it: I don't get the whole bunny thing.

Methinks I'm missing some context.

Peter F.: <a href="http://... (Below threshold)

Peter F.: start here (make sure you follow the links included because there's an additiona image).

The Bunny...reference(s) started way back with...do you remember "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome"? (Of course you do.)

Anyway, Mad Max is asked to do a rough deed that's "permanently disqualified" everyone before him. When asked if he'll do the deed, Mad Max says, "Who'se the bunny?" along with a bit of a nod in acceptance of the offer.

Then, aimlessly many years later (connection will be explained, be patient)...there's this guy in Japan who has a pet bunny. The Japanese guy puts things on the bunny's head for the sheer amusement of it all, and the abiding bunny accepts it all, including a stack of waffles and later, pancakes (even a chocolate bit and the most poignant bit of all, a bit of snow the bunny put on his head himself on his last foray outside just before he expired of natural causes).

Someone on FreeRepublic started making image responses to absurd, sometimes nonsensical threads that included anything and everything with pancakes on their heads, to indicate absurdity (among other things).

Thus, it can be said I've just extenuated the concepts a bit more and now it's the bunny on the head.

I could go on and explain it more but it's along the lines of "Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, SPAAAM, glorious Spam, nothing but SPAAAAM!" and "but this parrot's DEADDD!" by Monty Python.

I KNEW Jay Tea would get this, I just knew it.

"get" this as in, comprehen... (Below threshold)

"get" this as in, comprehend it, or, dig it.

Reference: <a href="http:/... (Below threshold)



("Two men enter, one man leaves")

-S-,Ah, OK, now th... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Ah, OK, now the bunny makes a lot more sense (or symbol for nonsense, that is). Thanks! Yup, I was definitely missing some context there, like two decades worth almost (going back to MM and "Thunderdome", 1985)! LOL

(Sorry for the late response, I had forgotten about this subject. Old age.)






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