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The 2005 Weblog Awards - That's A Wrap!


After ten days of voting and nearly 450,000 votes, winners in The 2005 Weblog Awards have been announced. Congratulations to each of winners, and thanks to each of the finalists for a most sucessful competition.

After the new year The Weblog Awards will be back for the presentation of juried awards and the opening of The Blog Hall Of Fame. Details on both will be availabe in January.


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Comments (4)

Thanks for running the show... (Below threshold)

Thanks for running the show, Kevin. Juried awards sound like a great idea!

I didn't participate in the... (Below threshold)

I didn't participate in the awards with you this year, Kevin, due to my lack of blogging over the last ten months. But, you and your crew did a great job this year. Perhaps I'll be able to lend assistance again next year.

Juried awards are a great i... (Below threshold)

Juried awards are a great idea, a good plan for next year! Merry Christmas to all and to all the Winners of 2005.

Kevin, thank you, and congr... (Below threshold)

Kevin, thank you, and congratulations for a job well done!

I discovered a few “keeper” blogs in the list of nominees. I even voted a few times, and found the process somewhat entertaining.

But I found the fretting, bickering, and pseudo controversy surrounding the whole ordeal to be even more entertaining, and somewhat enlightening as well.

So hats off, and good luck for an even better event in 2006!






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