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Lauren Holly's "Dumb And Dumber" Makeover

Lauren Holly, the fresh-faced, girl-next door type once married to Jim Carrey and best known for her role in his hit comedy "Dumb and Dumber," has a new look. If the 42-year-old pixyish actress, who started on the soap opera "All My Children" and got her big break on the TV drama "Picket Fences." doesn't ring a bell you probably remember her as one of the 90's hottest paparazzi targets.

Here she is with Carrey in the late 90's at a movie premiere.

If you had the misfortune to be stuck watching the Radio Music Awards Sunday night you'd have been hard pressed not to notice something a bit "different" about Holly's appearance, and I'm not talking about the dumb hairdo.

The addition of D-cup size personal flotation devices to her svelte frame is dumber than the horrid hairdo.

But wait, it gets so much worse. In case you thought the RMA photos were some sort of optical illusion. this red carpet picture from a September Emmy party shows just how far Holly really went.

Lauren Holly at Emmys Party - Sept. 2005

On the Anna Nichole Smith scale, Lauren Holly has gone for the full monty.

RMA photo via Goldenfiddle, Emmy photo via Yahoo! Movies


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Comments (39)

I would.... (Below threshold)
Other Jim:

I would.

Good lord, she went from Cu... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Good lord, she went from Cute to Generic Bimbo. What a waste...


She probably sounds like a ... (Below threshold)

She probably sounds like a timpani when she bumps into things.


I'd hit it.... (Below threshold)
Ron Mexico:

I'd hit it.

She went from cute MILF to ... (Below threshold)

She went from cute MILF to slut MILF. Being a pig with no shame I'd have to say I'd hit it before and after.

We're looking at debut of J... (Below threshold)
Borg Queen:

We're looking at debut of Joan Rivers v.2

Can't wait to see what she "does" next...nevermind, yes I can.

They're really nice. She l... (Below threshold)

They're really nice. She looks good!

any more than a mouthful...... (Below threshold)

any more than a mouthful...she could have just lifted what she had...rubber bands for nipples from now on...

Uh.....and the problem is??... (Below threshold)

Uh.....and the problem is??????

Betcha she had more back an... (Below threshold)

Betcha she had more back and neck complaints now (and I'm not talking about carpet burn).

She's now playing Director ... (Below threshold)

She's now playing Director Jenny Shepard on NCIS. She looked pretty good until she got that inane haircut.

She used to look like an at... (Below threshold)

She used to look like an attractive and classy woman. One who would age gracefully, maintaining an heir of sophistication. Unfortunately, she appears to be suffering some psychological problem causing her to grossly disfiguring her body and making herself look like a skanky bimbo. Disgusting.

If Hollywood and Madison Avenue put forth women with dead pigs on their heads as the ultimate in beautify, this lost soul, with be dripping in pigs blood instead of being packed full of plastic and saline. I feel sorry for her.

Hmmm.You're right ... (Below threshold)


You're right Kevin and I completely agree with you. She is wearing waaaayyyyyy too many clothes. :)

*shrug* some of us are slaves of fashion, but consider this. The fashion in the 1700's was for women to be narrow at top and very very broad in the bottom, i.e. the "bustle". I think I can live with a female fashion of big boobs when an alternative is one with very big butts.

Yeah, when I saw her severa... (Below threshold)

Yeah, when I saw her several years ago (she converted to Catholicism at my church), she was a very classy-looking woman. I have no idea why she would want to do this to herself, at her age.

Maybe her priest suggested ... (Below threshold)

Maybe her priest suggested the change?

Ed said: I think I can live... (Below threshold)
Dwight P:

Ed said: I think I can live with a female fashion of big boobs when an alternative is one with very big butts.

I say:
I like big butts and I can not lie
You other brothers can't deny....

Is it just me, or does it s... (Below threshold)

Is it just me, or does it seem that at the Radio Music Awards she hadn't gone clothes shopping since the ... purchase?

Never try to put 50 pounds of taters in a ten-pound sack.

Mommy, milk.... (Below threshold)

Mommy, milk.

Female version of a mid lif... (Below threshold)

Female version of a mid life crisis. Beats buying a corvette. You don't have to insure those things.

Desperately Seeking Attenti... (Below threshold)

Desperately Seeking Attention.

She get the TV gig before o... (Below threshold)

She get the TV gig before or after the tits? If it was after then you have the "why" an over 40 actress would do that. It's not like she's been burning up the airwaves with work since Dumb and Dumber...

She's competing against lots of hard bodied wanna-bes and while she most likely wants to stay "classy" she probably also wants to eat and pay the mortgage.

Approve of it or not she's in an industry where looks count and classiness doesn't. Even if someone doesn't personally approve of it, trashing her for doing what's necessary in her industry isn't the height of classiness either.

And we're complaining becau... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

And we're complaining because...?

Supposedly, Lauren was happ... (Below threshold)

Supposedly, Lauren was happily living in Hinsdale (a suburb of Chicago) with her finance honcho husband and their two children, and not planning any return to Hollywood.

I wonder if she's still married, or if the "New Lauren" is a reflection of the need to move on?

Ok, I'll admit to having a ... (Below threshold)

Ok, I'll admit to having a weakness for redheads, especially one's in my age range. She was good looking prior to the enhancements and IMHO is still a knockout. Faith+1 is right though, if you want to be marketable in Hollyweird you have to be competitive physically as well as being talented, although I sometimes wonder about the talent part.

Anyone seen PSA of late? If you have to ask what the initials stand for all I'm going to say is it ain't 'Public Service Announcement'.

She must not be a stomach s... (Below threshold)

She must not be a stomach sleeper. Ouch!

And her nipples seem to be ... (Below threshold)

And her nipples seem to be migrating toward under her armpits!

Damn!!!... (Below threshold)


I'm a little pissed about t... (Below threshold)

I'm a little pissed about this. There is no "View Larger Image" link below the last picture of her.

The caption on the second p... (Below threshold)

The caption on the second photo should read "View Much Larger Image"

Call me trashy but I'm gett... (Below threshold)

Call me trashy but I'm getting a little "happy" looking at that last picture....My imagination is running away with itself!

Uh, what I mean to say is "Holy Cow! This is uncalled for!"


After renting Dumb and D... (Below threshold)

After renting Dumb and Dumber, I threatened to slap the video store clerk that let me do it. I figure anyone associated with that movie can't have 2 brain cells to rub together. What do you expect?

That said, nice rack.

Warning: Objects in mirror ... (Below threshold)

Warning: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear,

She's at the age where she ... (Below threshold)

She's at the age where she needs mammograms. Insurance might not be a bad idea !

I'd do that eny time of the... (Below threshold)

I'd do that eny time of the week. What the f*ck are you all complaning about.

I like this milf, yeah this... (Below threshold)
MILF Hunter:

I like this milf, yeah this is good for everything

Her face looks like a snare... (Below threshold)

Her face looks like a snare drum. Not good.

She looks much better NOW. ... (Below threshold)

She looks much better NOW. I never noticed her before, but she has my Attention NOW!.
All you haters just don't like that you never get noticed.

There's all that hollywood ... (Below threshold)
Ilya Lenin:

There's all that hollywood pressure, fer sure. But really, maybe she just wanted to look pretty. Is that so wrong?

Bouncy-bouncy! OH YEAH! It'... (Below threshold)

Bouncy-bouncy! OH YEAH! It's pearl necklace time for her now! Got Milk?






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