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New York Transit Strike - The Numbers Pile Up

New York's mayor has suggested the transit strike could cost the city $400 million a day, and other estimates put the figure even higher. The Wall Street Journal's Carl Bialik looks at the numbers. One number not in question is the $1 million dollar a day fine imposed by a judge on the Transit Workers Union for violating state law that prohibits public employees from going on strike.

As on commenter put it, "a pox on both their houses."


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Comments (11)

I think it is time to pull ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I think it is time to pull a Ronald Reagan and fire them.

I bet there are some unemployed people in NYC who wouldn't mine working for the transit authority.

And it is times like this, when I am glad I don't live in a major city where the majority of people are dependant on the government to get them to and from work.

I agree with Just Me, votin... (Below threshold)

I agree with Just Me, voting for massive firings. Let them reapply for their jobs.

Regarding the fines: do these ever really get paid, or are they washed by the negotiations to 'end' the strike? I am curious because many unions are so fined, to the point they'd be bankrupt. But you never hear of one ever going under.

Every so often, New Yorkers... (Below threshold)

Every so often, New Yorkers need to be reminded that they have generally been sucking up to the unions too much.

Charlie: yes, they get paid... (Below threshold)

Charlie: yes, they get paid. That happened after the 1980 strike, and the negotiated raise was swallowed up in the fines for over a year, and I believe union dues were garnished to cover the fines imposed on the union itself.

From what I've heard, the garnished income for fines is taxable income. So even if there was a negotiated "bonus" that covered the fines, they'd have to pay income taxes on that bonus.

So no, there's no getting around those fines.

Gee, 9/11 had the subways s... (Below threshold)

Gee, 9/11 had the subways shut down for a while too. What's the difference between a foreign and a domestic terrorist?

Epador, the difference is, ... (Below threshold)

Epador, the difference is, you can wiretap a union boss without the Dems getting but so upset.

There is no difference - th... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

There is no difference - the Dems support them both.

the strike is great .... at... (Below threshold)

the strike is great .... at getting all the fat to walk.. mean losing weight....i hope this thing goes for two weeks

People Benefitting From The... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

People Benefitting From The Strike:

1.) The New York Times. It moves their embarrassing "report" of domestic spying story off the front pages. Seems fair, as that story moved the more important Iraqi elections story off the front page.

2.) Cabbies. Duh.

3.) Moleskin salespeople. Welcome to blister hell, folks.

4.) "Street Meat" vendors. Hey, you work up a hunger walking all that way, and even warm hog anus tastes good when it's 20ºF.

5.) Bar owners. Most popular phrase: "Screw this commute, I'm going to the bar and wait this out..."

mmmm...."warm hog anus"....... (Below threshold)

mmmm...."warm hog anus".... (drool)

Things seem to be looking u... (Below threshold)

Things seem to be looking up, though. I think the story in today's paper had some sort of threat from the union towards the judge that's hauling the union officials' butts into court. That'll surely help them out a lot.






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