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The face of evil

Evandro Doirado, 28, of Framingham, Massachusetts, probably had a very rough life. He was most likely neglected as a child, if not openly abused. I also believe he had a very rough time in school, lived a life wracked by poverty, discrimination, and oppression. He was most likely surrounded by the pervasive drug culture, and found himself stuck in that hellhole of a world. He's also probably lived a life I cannot imagine, filled with challenges I never had to face, and without the opportunities I've been blessed with. All in all, I have a hunch that he's simply never had a chance to escape from his fate, never had a chance to better himself and find a better course for his life. He's, in all likelihood, a victim of fate more than anything else.

All that being said, I want the son of a bitch executed. Now. (Warning: this is a truly horrifying story, especially to women, even more so to mothers. Read at your own risk.)

I can only hope he faces federal charges, because Massachusetts has no death penalty.


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Comments (16)

After watching that story o... (Below threshold)

After watching that story on the news last night, I turned to my wife (mother of our 11 month old daughter) and said that I would seriously have no problem ripping this animal to shreds.

One can only hope that he meets the worst of fates in prison.

They may not have the death... (Below threshold)

They may not have the death penalty but I bet the unsanctioned form of lethal injection is alive and well in the Massachusetts penal system. He sounds like the perfect candidate for it.

From your intro, I thought ... (Below threshold)

From your intro, I thought you were going to flip this story and show what kind of success this guy became. Because I'm sure that for every story like this one (I hope there aren't any more like this one!) - but - I'm sure there are many success stories for people of similar backgrounds that never get written about...

If ever there were a case f... (Below threshold)

If ever there were a case for lynching, this has got to be it. Anything less than a swift execution (unless its a prolonged torture in a dark hole with no facilities or food) is too good for this slime. Bet he starts writing children's books and begs forgiveness.

Just put him into General P... (Below threshold)

Just put him into General Population at the closest Federal SuperMax prison. He'll 'commit suicide' by hitting his head on the toilet.

17 times.

Don't worry about Massachus... (Below threshold)

Don't worry about Massachusetts not having the death penalty, Jay Tea. If this guy gets put into general population, and the fact that he did this in front of a toddler gets out to the rest of the prison, he will be wishing for death. Even murderers and rapists have morals, and doing stuff to kids and in front of them is something that they don't tolerate. This guy will get his, mark my words.

Don't know why this should ... (Below threshold)

Don't know why this should be more horrifying to women and mothers than men and fathers.

Maybe we could enlist the a... (Below threshold)

Maybe we could enlist the aid of a necromancer so that we can kill him more than once.

I would gladly donate blood... (Below threshold)

I would gladly donate blood if it meant we could keep this piece of excrement alive longer to prolong his torture...

The only fitting and equal ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

The only fitting and equal punishment this asshat could receive is if he were raped every day of upcoming sentence by many of his fellow inmates.

Holy crap..."Befor... (Below threshold)

Holy crap...

"Before I go to jail, I want to have a good time."

I've always said that if I was going to get into trouble, I'd better make it worthwhile but I was talking more about non-harmful activities (i.e. steal a BOATLOAD of cash and spend it as quick as possible) but this piece of shit definitely deserves whatever they give him...

I hope they hang his ass from a tree....by his genitalia...

Anyone know his "immigratio... (Below threshold)

Anyone know his "immigration status"????
Framingham is a sanctuary city right? If he has an arrest record
there, the City will be paying BIG BUCKS if they arrested him before then released him to commit another crime.

NYC ended it's sancuary law because of this type of thing.
I hope the family gets MILLIONS.

Someone should open a paypa... (Below threshold)

Someone should open a paypal account to raise money to pay some giant, semi-retarded, life sentence serving, neo-nazi with the kind of endowment you can only get from a birth defect to sodomize this p.o.s. until he bleeds out from a perforated colon.

This kind of thing really brings out the dark side in me.

It's also the reason I have a concealed weapon liscense, and advise anyone who will listen to get one.

After reading all of the co... (Below threshold)

After reading all of the comments, I turned to myself and thought: "How about his parents and the sorrows they have been having cos of it". Do you think it's fair? Take it easy! Anybody wants it for those who loves!!!

Jay Tea,I really can... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,
I really can confirm that this guy never was neglected as a child and not openly abused. I know he had a very good time in school, lived a life without poverty, discrimination, and oppression. He wasn't most likely surrounded by the pervasive drug culture, and never found himself stuck in a hellhole of a world. He's also probably lived a life he could imagine, filled with challenges you never had to face, because if you have had his life you could be death. All in all, I think you don't know bullshit about him,
I do think you don't know bullshit about anything!!

Well, from what I know his ... (Below threshold)

Well, from what I know his father was or is a pastor. So what he did has no excuse. Whether he found himself alone and depressed does not excuse him. Yeah it is hard to be the father of this child and expect people to understand. But what about the victim, child and loved ones. Where does she going not knowing what will happen next. It is not easy knowing that a life has been changed FOREVER because he was looking for a joy ride. He got his but what about her. She had her ride wondering if her son will make it through this. Will her father survive the impact this may cause. No one knows except her, who lived it and will relive it everynight it goes dark and every night her son cries wondering is he in the dark ready to act?






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