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Quote Of The Day - Screw Them (Again) Edition

In June 2003, after television cameras caught a cheering, thousand-strong mob in Fallujah dragging the charred, dismembered bodies of American contractors through the streets, Moulitsas linked to the reports and said of the contractors: "I feel nothing... Screw them."

When I asked Moulitsas recently how he felt about the episode, his mouth stretched into a smile: "Vindicated," he said.
From a Washington Monthly profile of liberal uberblogger Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (DailyKos).

(Via Decision 08)


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Comments (17)

The amount of hate it takes... (Below threshold)

The amount of hate it takes to be like that is staggering.

"World's biggest political ... (Below threshold)

"World's biggest political blogger" blah haa haa!
Had to hit the 'back' key immediately!

When I asked Moulitsas r... (Below threshold)

When I asked Moulitsas recently how he felt about the episode, his mouth stretched into a smile: "Vindicated," he said.


The media has recently begun to question the role of American contractors in Iraq, he pointed out, which was the point all along.

Ok...how exactly does this vindicate the mighty KOS? If the generic "media" (no specifics) begins to "question" someone's role in a legal persuit of making $$, you should be vindicated if you take a dump on their grave (of course after being murdered at the hand of a senseless mob)?

B.S. He's just trying to take away the ammunition and pretend it doesn't bother him....."blip", yeah right.

This is the guy who concoct... (Below threshold)

This is the guy who concocted the recipe for the Kool-Aid the "progressives" drink. Sick!

Is there a bridge near Kos's home? The Falluja Brigades won't care what his politics are. Unless he is Wahhabi Islam, he is just an Infidel to them. They'll String Kos up to a bridge. Maybe they'll burn him first, or later. Whatever gets the most media attention.

Kos doesn't like mercenarie... (Below threshold)

Kos doesn't like mercenaries and feels they interfere with actual military operations, based on his own experiences. That being said, it certainly was a bit over the top.

I wonder how the Iraqis felt about that Aegis video...

Kos-reality... (Below threshold)
Proud Kaffir:


Our intelligence services intercepting communication from Al Qaeda to prevent terrorist attacks= fascism

A mob grabbing a car full of contractors, burning them alive, and hanging their charred remains= vindication.

Need anybody say anything else about this self-proclaimed asshole.

Of course Mr. King-of-the-B... (Below threshold)

Of course Mr. King-of-the-Blogs said that. I'm sure he dances like post 9/11 Palestinians every time he hears of another casualty in Iraq. Because for him and people like him, it isn't about individual lives, it's about their Cause and about winning Political Points. There's no moral compass other than Liberal Victory for them.

Dazzle you said it all!!!!!... (Below threshold)

Dazzle you said it all!!!!!!!!!!

Oy vey iz mir. Intolerable.... (Below threshold)

Oy vey iz mir. Intolerable. Yemach sh'mo.

"World's biggest blogger."<... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

"World's biggest blogger."

Someone get the Washington Monthly a spell-checker. They misspelled "asshole."

Send it to 'em with the Goatse picture.


I believe that the incident... (Below threshold)

I believe that the incident in Fallujah that inspired the now famous Kos quote was actually in March 2004.

"Kos" is one of those lost ... (Below threshold)

"Kos" is one of those lost people who thrive on the negative. He says and writes things such as this inorder to, well, "thrive."

Oh, and speaking of cancer cells...

"Vindicated" <... (Below threshold)


How I felt the last time I signed a security contract.

"Scared" -- Markos the first time he was asked whether he would "tell".

Kos was never a "Reagan Republican". Just a lost child.

His words have been repeated in many circles.

I saw him in person once, all I needed to feel sorry for the guy.

Reminded me of a favorite quote: "not worth the skin he is in".

Stanley to Livingston: "Mr.... (Below threshold)

Stanley to Livingston: "Mr. Livingston, I think we found the source of the river of Kool-Aid!"

'Kos doesn't like mercenari... (Below threshold)

'Kos doesn't like mercenaries and feels they interfere with actual military operations, based on his own experiences. That being said, it certainly was a bit over the top.'

Hey I don't like indolent toll collectors at the T. They contribute to slow commutes and they're lazy and stupid. However dragging them out of their collection booths and killing them is more than 'a bit over the top' you fucking moron.

Yeah, but toll collectors d... (Below threshold)

Yeah, but toll collectors don't cause drivers to lose their lives.

I would say stringing up Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy would be over the top as well. But you hear that all the time on this place. Some on the right wing want to murder Americans. But hey, let's focus on Kos...

Jp2,Cite 3 examples.... (Below threshold)

Cite 3 examples.

Or, find 3 examples of a mid to large right of center blog calling for the brutal murder of Dean or Kennedy.

We criticise Kos because it doesn't take long to find 3 examples of hate and vitriol just on his own blog, often by his own hand.






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