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You Know It's a Good Day When...

You know it is a good day when Hillary Clinton's office hangs up on you after only 3 sentences.

So much for embracing diversity huh?

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Is there more to this?... (Below threshold)

Is there more to this?

Paul, you tease us. The bla... (Below threshold)

Paul, you tease us. The blanks...please fill them in. This sounds like a potentially fun story.

Yeah, come on. If there we... (Below threshold)

Yeah, come on. If there were only 3 sentences than they should be easy to relay to us.

Sorry, I didn't mean to tea... (Below threshold)

Sorry, I didn't mean to tease anyone... It was what it was.

I called the senator's office and I disagreed with a point she made. I was polite and mostly professional. (OK you got me... maybe there was a touch sarcasm... so sue me ;-)

But I used no naughty words and was just calling to disagree with the Senator. I was just starting my 3rd sentence when I heard "Thank You -- Click"

The way they embraced the diversity of ideas I offered was just heartwarming.

Guys, Sen. Clinton had to r... (Below threshold)

Guys, Sen. Clinton had to rush off to meet Sen. Rockefeller, thus leaving our friend in the lurch - temporarily.

...<a href="http://petrolat... (Below threshold)
Frankly Paul, I'm a bit su... (Below threshold)

Frankly Paul, I'm a bit surprised that you got throught to a staffer at all -- when I worked in the Senate (1978), you only got through to a staffer (other than a receptionist) if you were a resident of the state/district. We'd answer your mail (usually with a form letter), but we were busy enough dealing with constituents and just didn't have time to speak with everyone who wanted to spout off. And I was there during the Panama Canal Treaty debate and the Bakke decision, so the phones were ringing off the hooks.

Hillary was probably too bu... (Below threshold)

Hillary was probably too busy bobbing her head up and down and bumped into the staffer who then dropped the phone after catching the 'Hillary Head Bopping' Disease.

Watch her. She's definitely infected.






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