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I'd rather look at naked women than ones wearing furs

Yesterday, on a very cold day, PETA held their standard anti-fur protest in Boston. Two women wearing high heels, thongs, and body paint climbed into cages to draw attention.

They, naturally, were given tickets.

One of these days I gotta go to one of these protests. Maybe with some alcohol swabs or a leash or something...


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Dunno about you but I havn'... (Below threshold)
mark m:

Dunno about you but I havn't seen but a handfull of hot tallent at these protests. You'd be better off showing up with a bucket of iodine and a spool of gauze. Skanks.

Jay Tea -Spare the... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea -

Spare the alcohol swabs. They're frigid enough as it is.

Along the same lines as Mar... (Below threshold)

Along the same lines as Mark, usually these gals are nagging about their cause.

Unless they happen to be exceptionally blessed, I usually pass.

Forget the alchohol swabs a... (Below threshold)
Big E:

Forget the alchohol swabs and leash what your gonna need is a firehose and several pounds of de-lousing powder. You also might want to get something for the smell. Oh, and whatever you do do not look directly at them or make eye contact, they could misinterpret that as interest on your part and try to spray you to mark their territory.

Realistically if you actually did go to one of these I recommend that you stop by McDonalds and pick up some burgers to eat while you watch. If your lucky they may try to "engage" you in a "dialogue" about how you are just like Hitler for eating meat.

"I'd rather look at naked w... (Below threshold)

"I'd rather look at naked women than ones wearing furs."

Must. Resist. Making. Sexual. Double-entendre. Must. Resist.

If people knew just how PET... (Below threshold)

If people knew just how PETA works...or more accurately...doesn't work they wouldn't get any press. They actually do nothing for animals other than being Virginia's second largest killer of animals behind the SPCA.

Mostly allt hey do is pull publicity stunts to gather donations to pay their staff to....you guessed it...hold publicity stunts.

They don't actually do a single thing for animals.

What? No pictures?... (Below threshold)

What? No pictures?






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