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Introducing The Wizbang Podcast

Things are starting pickup on the behind the scenes work I've been plugin away on.

Today we've rolled out The Wizbang Podcast with Charlie Quidnunc. The blog isn't much to look at but the content is fully mature. For those of you unfamiliar with Charlie Quidnunc's previous work, he has been doing the Rip & Read Blogger for the last year. I felt that his style and substance was a perfect match with Wizbang's readerbase. Do yourself a favor and subsribe to the Wizbang Podcast. For those of you who just don't want to bother with MP3's, iPods, etc. there will be a streaming version of each show available as well (a bit after each podcast is released).

You can get to the podcast blog via http://wizbangpodcast.com/. It's not fully integrated into the Wizbang design yet (something that will change very soon), but there will be a link to the latest podcast on the left sidebar, right by the new Wizbang News Channel.

As you can tell we're a little ahead of ourselves on the content vs. design for the Podcast blog, but all that will be fixed soon. Anyway it's a podcast - you're supposed to listen to it...


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A big thank you to Kevin fo... (Below threshold)

A big thank you to Kevin for inviting me to podcast on his blog. I've been at this for a little over a year, with 160 shows on my Rip & Read Blogger Podcast at http://ripnread.com. I read a lot of webblogs, and watch a lot of C-SPAN and try to combine interesting blog posts with audio to make a 10-20 minute program once or twice a week.

Get the blogosphere in your ear with the Wizbang Podcast!

Thanks for listening!






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