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Podcasting at Wizbang

I'd like to thank Kevin for inviting me to podcast here at Wizbang. This has been one of my favorite blogs for years. I am in awe of participating in the Wizbang Blog Universe. I started podcasting a little over a year ago at the Rip & Read Blogger Podcast, and have 160 shows in the can so far. I read a lot of political blogs, watch a little C-SPAN, and try to combine interesting blog posts with recorded audio to make a 10-20 minute program once or twice a week.

For those new to Podcasting, its kind of like an audio weblog, wrapped in some technology that lets listeners subscribe, and automatically get every episode downloaded to their PC. You can subscribe using iTunes, or other software, such as indiePodder, or Doppler Radio. To subscribe to the Wizbang Podcast, copy the RSS feed address to your podcasting client. It's http://feeds.wizbangblog.com/WizbangPodcast.

If you have an iPod, iTunes will copy each MP3 file to your portable player automatically. For other MP3 players, Windows Media can automatically synch your PC music files, or you can copy them to the player using your own software. Some cell phones now support MP3. You can also listen on your computer, if you prefer.

I listen to a lot of podcasts on my commute, on a walk, or while working around the house. Podcasting puts the listener in control of the content, unlike traditional radio. And with the help of Podcasting pioneers like Adam Curry, at last count there were 4095 podcasts available. And with the introduction of the Wizbang Podcast, its up to 4096.

Get the blogosphere in your ear with the Wizbang Podcast!

Thanks for listening.

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Total number of podcasts is... (Below threshold)

Total number of podcasts is now 4K?

It must be some kind of conspiracy or something.

I count 23,915 podcasts acc... (Below threshold)

I count 23,915 podcasts according to podnova.com

I'm not sure how many there... (Below threshold)

I'm not sure how many there are. It depends if you count shows or episodes, I guess. Many shows have been subjected to podcast fade, where the creator starts out strong but looses interest after a few episodes.

If you post one to the "most recent 100 Podcast" list at http://audio.weblogs.com via ping, it quickly disappears down the list. It used to take a few days, now it's a few hours.






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