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RSS Feed Update

All of the various flavors of RSS and Atom feeds at Wizbang have been updated. The old feeds should redirect properly, but there's always the chance that some newsreader or aggregator somewhere will get "stuck." If that happens to you, simply resubscribe.

Update: Of course if you do have an issue with one of our feeds feel free to leave a comment here...

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I see you still have the AI... (Below threshold)

I see you still have the AIM Blog Notify Me button up. Back in August I contacted Ben Hoskins who provided the service because I noticed a problem and inquired as to whether his AIM Blog Change Bot was still working. He replied:

"Hi, Not anymore. Once the numbers became high enough, AOL weren't happy with the service and I could not get it 'authorized' by anyone at AOL. Sorry, Ben."

So is your link non-functioning or is it operated through AOL/another service?






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