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The revolution will be -- er, is being -- blogged

I've always felt that blogging and talk radio had a lot in common. The immediacy, the interaction between host and audience, the chance for expression for vox populi -- there is a lot of overlap. I freely admit I've lifted topics from talk radio, but I usually try to give credit where it is due (ahemBruce).

Sorry, had something stuck in my throat. Anyway, as I was saying, blogging and talk radio seem pretty compatible formats. And apparently I'm not the only one who thinks so.

WRKO is, arguably, Boston's leading talk station. Last spring, when Newsweek had that whole "Koran in the toilet" fabrication, the station decided that they could do without Newsweek On The Air. So they dumped the show and brought in two bloggers to take their place. The irony was delicious; it was largely bloggers that exposed the Newsweek scam, and here were two actual bloggers taking their place on a radio station.

The guys -- Kevin and Greg -- have a pretty good show. I've called in a few times, but unfortunately it's on Sundays at 9 -- right up against Desperate Housewives. Sorry, guys, but Teri Hatcher trumps politics.

Earlier this week, WRKO's morning guy is on vacation. They needed a fill-in, so instead of shuffling around other hosts or bringing in talkers from outside, they got another blogger to handle the 5:30-9:00 slot. Brian Maloney of Radio Equalizer has been in all week, and will be back next week.

And starting today, the Pundit Review guys will be covering the 9:00-Noon slot as well, through next Friday.

Which means that from December 23 through 30, every weekday Boston's leading talk-show (arguably) will be run by bloggers from 5:30 in the morning until noon.

Those in the New England area can tune in to 680 on the AM dial. And those who can't pick up the signal can get the streaming broadcast at the station's web site.

Go, team!

Update: I just got off the phone ripping up an illegal-alien apologist who Brian had on, and had a brief chat with his producer. There may be more developments to post later...

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I would like to offer an un... (Below threshold)

I would like to offer an unbiased opinion of this trend, We should all listen to a radio station during the next week. WHY? because communication and ideas and sharing of them, good and bad provide a thrust towards wisdom and understanding.

Even if you have to be woken up from a sound sleep, don't deny yourself the insites that can be gained by listening to those who blog and what they really sound like

Then try and get their pic on TV eventually or streaming video, Thus seeing if the ideas match our image or imagination of their voice.

Just to see if we shape our perceptions of a person by their mind or by their physical and auditory attributes

The trend seems to be growi... (Below threshold)

The trend seems to be growing. We have a independent talk show down here that is hosted by the local NBC anchorman. He asked me to come on and explain blogging a few weeks ago and has now decided to have me back every week. It's kind of like Crossfire without all of the screaming.

Jay Tea,Thanks for... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea,

Thanks for the kind words. Give us a call next week. No hard feelings, but I'm more of a Nicollete Sheridan kind of guy. Desperate Houswives steals my wife from the show also, so I can relate.:)

Merry Christmas.

Co-Host Pundit Review Radio

Without intending disrespec... (Below threshold)

Without intending disrespect, as i dont know any of these people; is it possible the premium qualification they share is a willingness to work over the holiday?






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