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Voting with their feet

For the second year in a row, US Census data shows that Massachusetts is losing people. Well, not really losing them -- it's not like someone put them down just a minute ago, and they have to be around here somewhere -- but the population of the state has shrunk, and this has politicians worried, because things like federal dollars and congressional seats are based on information like this.

The usual suspects are trotted out: the cost of housing, the harsh New England winter, and the boom going on in the South and West. But while that might explain why Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island are all shrinking, it doesn't explain why the rest of the Northeast states did grow -- albeit not by much.

I think it's a grand opportunity to put some arguments to the test. "Immigration advocates" (the term illegal alien apologists give themselves) say that illegal aliens are a net gain to the economy, while those of us on the other side (I like to call us "realists") say they cause far more harm than good. In Massachusetts, the illegal alien population is pretty much the only growing segment. Why not just look at how the Bay State handles this shift in demographics, and see what we can learn?

If the other side is right, the state's coffers will soon be bulging and they can point to a great success.

But, if it goes as I expect, and soon the state reaches critical mass where enough of the productive individuals and businesses get fed up with carrying more and more of the financial burden and just up and leave, the whole "we need illegal aliens" argument will be discredited as the utter tripe it is.

Of course, one only need look at the current state of Massachusetts to see which way the Commonwealth would go.


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Comments (11)

Jay, I think you give far t... (Below threshold)

Jay, I think you give far too much credit to the illegal aliens for the failures of Massachusetts. With their politics, Massachusetts could fall flat on it's face regardless of the comings or goings of people, legal or otherwise.

Being a MA resident I have ... (Below threshold)

Being a MA resident I have to agree. Illegal immigration is one of a litany of problems but is behind cost of living, infrastructure, taxes, however it is related to and contributes to a larger cultural issue that is not what you would call family friendly. It's the bluest of blue states and all the states that lost population are blue. Go figure.

My company has two offices ... (Below threshold)

My company has two offices in MA. One in Boston itself and another satellite office in Waltham. We are considering closing both and moving the work to Viriginia due to the ongoing tax burden/cost of living etc.

Fact is, for what it takes to pay the 125 people we have there a decent salary to live we can hire 175 in Viriginia. Even with a 20% cut in pay the employees end up with more spending power because it's much cheaper to buy homes etc.

We closed our Toronto and NYC offices for similar reasons. Moving the tax base to businesses is a short term solution for a State to do. Eventually you drive out the businesses thereby lowering the overall money in your state...

Which, of course, they tend to compensate for by raising taxes again thereby making it even worse...

Where are all my fellow MA ... (Below threshold)

Where are all my fellow MA residents going? Don't they know that we are living in a Utopian society here? Just ask any Kennedy!

Whenever the slump in the M... (Below threshold)

Whenever the slump in the Mass. population is mentioned in the Globe, and especially when it's coupled with a mention of New Hampshire's population growth, there is usually at least one of three responses:

1. The suggestion that Mass. improve its "cultural offerings" — that is, raise taxes even more.

2. The opinion that fewer people is a good thing.

3. Sneering at the "right-wing extremists" up in New Hampshire. In a LTTE last year responding to an op-ed piece by Barbara Anderson of Citizens for Limited Taxation, one self-righteous pompous ass from a wealthy suburb who can afford the high taxes said, "We have a great many major employers here. What's New Hampshire's biggest employer? Wal-Mart." Yeah, I guess small businesses are useless to work for.

Well this current MA reside... (Below threshold)

Well this current MA resident has been here for 5 years and is looking forward to getting out! For the same reasons ICallMasICM lists above. We have a 11 month old daughter and I'll be damned if she is going to grow up with this state's idea of culture. And for all the money they throw at education it's very disappointing to see the quality of the schools.

So see you later Taxachusetts! Add 3 more to the list of people leaving in 2006!

'The opinion that fewer peo... (Below threshold)

'The opinion that fewer people is a good thing.

See this is the thing - what happens is the middle class and retirees leave and you get a more two tiered society of relative wealthy transients and urban and immigrant poor. This is currently the problem now in Boston with a low birth rate, deteriorating schools and infrastructure. Since the middle class leaves then you get more students/progressives/trustafarians and more immigrants so you have more people looking to the gov't for solutions and more liberal politics. Like F+1 says you get a more anti-business climate which propogates itself by requiring a higher tax burden.

thats the problem! all thes... (Below threshold)

thats the problem! all these blue state-rs coming down here to Florida to avoid all the taxes and then vote for the democrats here! Yankee go home!

Yankee go home!</b... (Below threshold)
Ric Locke:
Yankee go home!

No, no! Yankee welcome, provided you don't bring the c*p that ran you out of Yankeeland with you!


From this Californian's per... (Below threshold)
Rock Boulder:

From this Californian's perspective, I empathize with you realists in MA. I was born and raised in CA and do not want to leave. But, unless illegal immigration is stopped and stopped soon, there will be no California left. We are becoming Alta Mexico in many ways.

California gets around half of all illigrants (I get tired of typing the whole damn thing...) that come into the nation. Our state finances, though boosted by housing prices (which are thankfully flattening out) and by the Bush based business boom, are still a disaster.

Our legislature is a bigger threat to our existence than Al Qaeada. Our Lt. Governor and the leader of our state legislature (both Democrats suprise, suprise) were members of Mecha in college and refuse to renounce that racist group's agenda. There are towns in southern California that have adopted Spanish as their official language meaning all governmental functions are in Spanish.

I grew up working with them in the fields of central California and learned the language and of their culture. They folks I worked with with great people.

The truth is that if I could trade the leftists in our state for Mexicans, I'd do it in a heartbeat. The fact is that these immigrants as a people have more cultural integrity and honor their traditions and history where our lefties do nothing but attempt to demonize and denigrate their (our) culture and history.

What is ultimately funny to me is that if/when California is fully hispanicized, the ensuing culture will not be friendly to the very leftists that empowered its creation. In many cultural aspects, hispanics are far more conservative than most right leaning Americans. The left is undermining its own 'values' (such as they are) by virtue of it dogmatic adherence to politically correct multi-culturalism.

One of the great things abo... (Below threshold)

One of the great things about living in Texas is that the LLL's are afraid of of us. They think we are all a bunch of double wide trailer livin, El Camino on blocks in the front yard, gun totin', bible thumpin' rednecks. I encourage them to think that and keep on going.

Another thing we are not shy about is telling them to go the HELL back to where they came from if they do not like it here. In fact I told someone who moved here from New Jersey that just last week. And I meant it.






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