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We know where you live, part II

A while ago, I wrote about a pro-gay-marriage group in Massachusetts that is not happy about the current petition drive to overturn the court's ruling authorizing gay marriage. In fact, they started a web site that listed all the signers of the petition. THey say that it's just so people can make sure they haven't been forged on to the petition, and to encourage people to politely discuss the issue with their neighbors who do sign it, and so on.

It's certainly not done for the purpose of intimidation. Heavens, no.

Well, they've got a listing up now. I dunno if they have all 123,000+ Bay Staters who signed the petitions, but they got a lot.

Back when I first covered this, I wrote that I had discovered the name, address, and phone number of one of the key organizer's place of business, but wasn't going to publish it. Others had no such compunctions, but I didn't see it as appropriate.

However, they have published contact info on their web site. No actual physical addresses, but phone numbers and e-mails.

Sauce for the goose, Mr. Saavik...

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But, you see, it's George W... (Below threshold)

But, you see, it's George W. Bush who is hitler.

The Boston Globe sto... (Below threshold)

The Boston Globe story which consisted of one long whine that so many petition signatures couldn't, simply couldn't, absolutely could not be all legitimate also had a lovely little titbit buried in the midst of the Westerhoff whine - that their website (which is currently down, since so many people are checking out who's been listed) will soon be including such details as political party and house prices of the signers.

Imagine the joy of such Catholic-bashers as Eileen McNamara if, in a collection of say 2000 signatories, 999 are Democrat and 1001 Republican? It would be proof positive that the BusHitler's fundie theocracy is marching to power in Massachusetts and the petition has to be defeated by any means necessary, even if that means consists of gay marriage becoming a ukase of the SJC with no redress for the citizenry. In fact, I predict "Anti gay marriage signers overwhelmingly white GOP" or some such variant to be the next Globe hit piece.

I happily e-mailed the two bullies today with my proud GOP credentials and house price. You want my information, pal? Here it is. Use it as you will.

Resistance to gay marriage ... (Below threshold)

Resistance to gay marriage doesn't require fundamental region behind it. That's the big myth and why the Left can't fathom the number of signatures.

err... religion not region.... (Below threshold)

err... religion not region.

But, you have to admire the... (Below threshold)

But, you have to admire the gays for their quick political organization and astuteness.

At least they are not liste... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

At least they are not listening to phone calls from terrorists. That would be a terrible invasion of privacy!

In Iraq terrorists threaten... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

In Iraq terrorists threaten anyone with purple ink on their finger. In Massachusetts gays threaten anyone inking their name on a petition. The threats backfired in Iraq like they'll backfire in Massachusetts. Hey neighbor, why isn't your name on the petition?

Prediction (if it comes to ... (Below threshold)

Prediction (if it comes to this): the percentage of Republicans/Democrats/Independents who signed the petition are within 5% of the statewide registration %'s for same.

This is not a partisan (party) issue, as Tom Reilly almost certainly understands well by now.

While this is frightening, ... (Below threshold)

While this is frightening, it is not shocking. The homofascists have been "outing" homosexuals who have chosen to keep their sexual preference private for years.

I would say shame on them but they have no shame. Anyone and anything is fair game to these fanatics.

I think it's only appropria... (Below threshold)

I think it's only appropriate to publish the names and resident street addresses of each and all involved in the website (and all "organizers" of their plans/process) that publishes personal information about whoever signed the Petition, just to complete the picture.

The homosexual lobby, for l... (Below threshold)

The homosexual lobby, for lack of a better term, is well known for engaging in very nasty rhetorical, negative gossipy, personally threatening organized acts as "a community" against anyone they deem who opposes their plans, intentions.

They threw "protections" out of the window when they first gave into terrorist tactics, and tried calling those Not-hatespeech. The worst hate speech I've ever seen and heard has originated from the homosexual lobby, and next comes the ACLU.






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