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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

Last weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ was a bit controversial. There was some sentiment that the picture needed no caption, and some folks just couldn't think of anything good as a caption. Fortunatly there were plenty of people willing to take a chance and submit a caption. The assignment last weekend was to caption the following picture:

An Iraqi woman flashes the 'V' sign in front of an Iraqi flag after casting her vote at a polling station in central Baghdad. Iraqis streamed to the polls amid relative peace in a legislative vote many hope will heal a nation wracked by sectarian conflict and bring minority Sunnis back into the political process.(AFP/Ali al-Saadi)

Here are the (much delayed) winning entries:

1) (christopher aland) - "That's one finger to show I voted, and one finger to the rest of you that doubted us."

2) (OregonMuse) - "This letter V is brought to you by the letter W."

3) (Guido) - "Hey, that's more ink than Cindy Sheehan used at her book signing."

Honorable Mention

4) (tacitblue) - "Pictured above is an evidence photo showing how Police and CSI finally identified the infamous Ramadi Smurf Molester."

5) (Punsmith) - "Two Cheers for The Red, White and New!"

6) (Alex Nunez) - "Jack Murtha didn't understand how the Iraqis could stand there making shadow puppets in the face of defeat."

Until a few hours from now...


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Comments (3)

I love the second winning e... (Below threshold)

I love the second winning entry. Excellent! A message America needs to hear.

It was a rather tough pictu... (Below threshold)

It was a rather tough picture as contests go. All six are pretty good. I really liked OreganMuse's and Guideo's entries.

Great picks!... (Below threshold)

Great picks!






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